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cuban sanwiches

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i'm watching Bobby Flay's grilling show but missed where he went to have Cuban sandwiches. Does anyone know? Thnx!

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  1. I do not know what was on the show, but I hear the cuban sanwich at Noche (1604 B'way) is pretty good.

    1. Didn't see it either but ...

      You might try Havana Chelsea at 190 8th Avenue between 19th & 20th. Basically a workingmans lunch counter type place. The late NY Times journalist RW Apple wrote fondly of the place and I can confirm it to be a tasty sandwich.

      Also, Cafe Habana at 17 Prince and Elizabeth is very good, though less authentic (and a little more expensive). If you don't want to deal with the trendy crowd or the cramped settings, go around the corner to the north ... they have a take out counter with 2-4 tables and many of the same dishes. Don't miss the grilled corn!

      1. I used to love the Cubanos at Cafe Cito on Avenue C.


        1. To keep the trend going: I have no idea where Flay went, but I had the Cuban at El Castillo de Jagua (on Rivington) yesterday and it was as good as ever.

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            El Castillo is my favorite "rice and beans" place in the city. The cuban is very good there but not "over the top". BTW it is a Dominican restaurant, not Cuban

          2. there's a dominican lunch counter on 25th between 6th and 7th that bobby flay once visited. i know they have monster greasy cubans on the menu but i'm not sure if this was the topic of the episode. regardless, they have great plates of food for cheap.

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              Could the place you're speaking of be Milanes at 168 W 25?

              I once ordered a cubano from them (I live in the neighborhood) and was terribly disappointed (because I had high expectations). It's been so long that I forgot what I didn't like. Maybe I should try again.

            2. Cuban sandwiches? I don't get it, so would someone please explain the attraction. I tried several places in Little Havana in Miami, some where English was non-existant so I'm assuming the sandwiches were authentic. Ham & pork on white bread - big deal!

              1. El Castillo is a local haunt in the LES, but they make the best Cuban I've ever had!

                1. Anyone can make great media noches at home.. something I tend to do very frequently whenever we have leftover pork roast. All it takes is a few simple quality ingredients, some cold roast pork and ham thinly sliced, swiss or provolone cheese, dill pickles (or you may substitute sweet pickles), good-quality whole grain mustard and a couple submarine rolls. I also make them with Puerto Rican bread from a nearby Hispanic bakery, which is almost identical to genuine pan cubano. It helps to have a panino press, but you can produce excellent results with a heavy-duty skillet to press the sandwich flat, or simply use a long spatula and press down hard. Grill until golden and cheese is melted, slice diagonally and enjoy!!!!