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Aug 22, 2002 02:16 PM

Can't remember the name of the restaurant!

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Please help. I ate at a lovely and pricey place last night and I can't remember the name! It was on the Embarcadero and I think the theme was Japanese/French? It had cyrstal chandeliers and big bay views. What is it called? No idea. I thought Ahare, but when I looked online there appears to be no such place. Help!

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    Paul Homchick


    How much did you have to drink (a rhetorical question)?

    Was it, perhaps, Chaya Brasserie at 132 The Embarcadero almost next to Boulevard?

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      It could also be Lapis....

    2. It could have been Chaya Brasserie, which does mostly sushi and some Japanese-fusion stuff, or Ozumo, which does high-end Asian-Japanese-California fusion, I think. Both are along the Embarcadero, facing the Bay Bridge, south of Market.