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Apr 30, 2004 12:26 AM

Luger's porterhouse for 2 for 1

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hello all. I intend to go to PL some time next week at lunch time, but will be on my own. Is it realistic to order the famous porterhouse for 2 on my own? Price not an issue. Have you ever seen someone do this? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I would assume there would be no problem--many people leave with leftovers. And, you're right to do so, the cut of meat is different and better.

    1. Since Luger's is in Brooklyn you would probably get a larger response on the outer boroughs board.

      1. Think doggy bag. Definitely a one of a kind steak, and the real reason for trekking to Luger's.

        1. Please continue this on the Outer Boroughs board. We try really hard to keep the Manhattan board devoted to Manhattan chow, only. Luger's is in Brooklyn, which is an "outer borough". Thanks.

          1. I've done it a couple times before. Not too hard, but I can eat a pretty good amount. I also had all the fixins with it. It's not as big as it looks. Don't be intimidated and hang in there. Hope this helps.