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xo in Chinatown

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Everything there is not totally delicious, but the deep fried fish balls with curry sauce are worth a trip.

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  1. You're talking about XO kitchen on Hester? If so - we went twice. First time was pretty mediocre, but we thought it might be an anomaly, so we tried again - same thing. Not awful, but not worth going out of the way for, in my opinion.

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      Michele Cindy

      I think there is also one on Walker. Which one did you go to?

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        The one on Walker is good. I've had the lobster in black bean sauce there, it comes as a sizzling platter, and is excellent. It seemed to be on a perennial special (although I haven't been there in a while). I think we also had greens there which were fine.

        Don't know much about the place on Hester. I think I got some small item there once for takeout, and was not impressed.

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          I don't think a simple good can cover the entire menu, because the two noodle dishes I tried there were so unmemorable that I don't even remember what they were. I'm glad you had a positive experience there, so I'll give that specific dish a try.

      2. Wonderful, special place my wife and I found on our honeymoon in New York. Try the Bubble Tea!

        1. i've been to xo on hester a bunch of times and i've liked my food each time. i've tried lots of different things there too. i've always been very happy with the food at xo. prices are good too.

          1. I love the XO on Walker. The menu in enormous but you need to know what to order. They have the most fantastic eel dumplings.

            1. i like it...but i usually just get congee (the dried scallop and gingko nut one)...but the lamb casserole, salmon soup, and, chive dumplings have also been yummy...

              1. Its one of the only places with a chinese dessert menu, so I go there quite a bit. Try the double boiled milk with ginger juice and the steamed egg custard (a sweet chawan mushi).
                When my friend had her wisdom teeth extracted she went down to XO kitchen a lot to have their congee and soft steamed rice rolls stuffed with all kinds of ingredients too!

                1. Have enjoyed every visit to the Hester location, my favorite dish being the Meatball Congee, which can feed three people. Last time I went there, a little less than a year ago, I had one of their cheese-melted-over-chicken dishes, and loved it. Admittedly, this is the only European-influenced Hong Kong spot that I have frequented, but, having tried Congee at a variety of Chinatown spots, I feel that XO's version stands up to what we have available in NYC.

                  I'm also a sucker for the slapdash, make-it-up-as-you-go decor, what with the little wooden bridge and the brick walls and the paper menus on the wall. Makes for a homey, non-pretenscious feel.

                  1. i've mentioned this on other threads, but i love their jellyfish/pickled ginger/1000yr old egg dish. it's an amazing textural/taste combination.

                    1. i eat at both fairly regularly, i think that the one on hester across the street from dynasty is better than the one on walker. Its generally a pretty solid spot, better than most in chinatown.

                      congee is good, the pork chop casserole is probably my favorite thing there, many of the dim sum items are pretty good as well, also try the mantou with condensed milk (steamed or fried buns) they're really good and its something that i love, but not that many places serve, alot of the specials on the wall tend to be good too