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Apr 22, 2004 06:44 PM

Keen's or Keens Steakhouse?

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Someone recommended it, but I never heard of the place.

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    Steve Harrington

    Keens is one of the city's top steakhouses. Clay smoking pipes on the ceiling (it was founded in 1885), a fantastic bar that features one of the largest collections of single-malt Scotch in the city, and superb steaks aged in-house. Make a reservation, order the porterhouse for two and select an earthy Zin from the decent wine list. Afterwards, sip a Scotch in the bar and enjoy the artwork. Here's a link


    1. it's a decent steakhouse with history. people go for the unique decor more than the quality of the steaks albeit the food's not bad. i'd say a decent second tier steakhouse... i've had better at PL, sparks, and even del friscos.

      1. It's actually most famous for it's mutton - year old lamb - which is far stronger (it's lanoline you taste) than spring lamb

        1. Ate there a few weeks ago - well known for their mutton. ordered the mutton - it was a tasty dish, but significantly undercooked. They of course volunteered to rectify the situation but ordering medium rare and getting it borderline raw is less than encouraging.
          overall better than average food - average service - not cheap.

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            Keens's mutton chop is a saddle cut on the bone. Keens recommends that customers order it medium because the part in the center, right on the bone is always rare. It is less than encouraging that Michael L. is going to order an item rarer than he should have, and then knock it for being borderline raw. I personally value the opinions of diners who educate themselves about what they eat before they post complaints.

          2. I love this place. I've had great prime rib and lamb chops and even dover sole here. People will debate steak quality forever, but for old NY atmosphere, it's easily the best one in the City.