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Apr 21, 2004 11:53 AM

What are the best dinner shows in Manhattan?

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I have never been to one these dinners so I have no idea what they are like (foodwise and performer-wise), but I thought this may be a different way of celebrating my bday in May. I am looking for the best dinner show in the city, in other words, I would like to have a great tasting dinner while watching a wonderful singer do their thing. I know several fancy hotels in the East side (like the Carlye, Stanhope, etc) offer these pre fixe dinner shows but I have no idea if they are any good (foodwise and musically) or worth the high cost (99.00/per person at the Stanhope!). I love jazz and Sinatra-like music, and in terms of food my tastes are varied but my husband is a vegetarian, so that is another issue. Or is this dinner show idea just not a good idea given the many amazing resturants in th city? HELP?!

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  1. Throwing the vegetarian into the mix makes it complicated. The jazz club in the basement beneath Blue Smoke gives you a chance to eat BBQ while watching a show; there are some salads, and a macaroni cheese, as well as the meat. Iridium used to serve what I thought was the best food at any jazz club in the city, but I haven't eaten at their new location. The Carlyle serves acceptable food, but is going to be expensive; Feinstein's even more so. The Algonquin's Oak Room food is not amazing, but it's slightly cheaper (not cheap, understand).

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      we saw a show a feinsteins last year and the food
      was pretty good , nothing earth shattering , but the
      show was great. We caught a singer Steve Tyrell that sings standards and Tony Bennetts daughter came and
      sang a duet, although it was extremely expensive it was well
      worth it. BTW it was a mature crowd.

    2. Try Joe's Pub @ the Public Theatre (East Village). There's a website. I've done dinner/show a few times and it was really quite good.

      1. I really love Birdland and the Jazz Standard, as mentioned by other user. Birdland has an amazing show Monday nights, Jim Caruso Cast party, and it's amazing cabaret show with some of the best jazz and broadway performers in the city. The ribs are great and so is the cuban corn. Check out the menu on their website. It's also only a $10 cover for the show. It's my favorite thing to do in the city.