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Apr 19, 2004 12:22 PM

sandwiches around union square?

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looking to grab a sandwich around union square so i can eat it outside. any good places to grab one around the square (preferably west side of square)? thanks!

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  1. Mandler's on 17th just West of Union Sq does a variety of sausage "sandwiches" (on a long roll, or in a wrap). pretty tasty and moderately priced.

    1. 1.) Rainbow Falafel. 26 East 17th Street

      2.) Mandler's. 26 East 17th Street -- German Sausages etc. (they are right next door to each other)

      3.) Chopt 24 East 17th - salads and stuff, not bad for a lunch salad to go.


      1. "wichcraft, next to Craft and Craftbar on, I think, 19th bet. Park Ave. South and B'Way)...good sandwiches. Perhaps a dollar more expensive than they need to be, but good nonetheless.

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          Enthusiastically seconding the 'wichcraft recommendation. In addition to lunchtime sandwiches, they also have great breakfast stuff (I am partial to the bacon, egg and gorgonzola sandwich) and good pastries (try the killer cinnamon rolls if they have them... they often sell out fast.)

          I often stop there for a cheap, satisfying late breakfast on my way to the Union Square Greenmarket.

          - er

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            Rainbow Falafel is literally the best falafel in the city. I used to work down there and miss it so much. The grape leaves are amazing as well.

            1. re: chow22

              I second the Rainbow recommendation wholeheartedly(make sure you get the excellent peppery hot sauce) but disagree that they are the best in the city.

              1. re: a&w

                Rainbow seems to have slipped significantly in the last year. I've had very "off" experiences about half the time--soggy falafel, chunks of iceberg lettuce root, mealy tomatoes, bitter sauces. It was never the "best" falafel in the city, not by a long shot, but it was always a consistent cheap lunch. Less so lately.

            2. re: dkstar1

              witchcraft is awful and the place's a construction hazard. Imagine putting a ceasar salad on a sandwich - pure sog. Collichio is the town's most overrated cook and that's tough competition.

            3. What about that place on the southeast corner of the square on the ground floor of the Beth Israel branch that is there? Enter from street or from lobby. I think it's an Au Bon Pain.

              1. Not too long ago some hounds posted positive comments about an Indian(?) cart that I belive parked on 14th St. in front of the Food Emporium.