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Apr 18, 2004 01:04 PM

Looking for Mussles and Frites

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Looking for the yummiest Mussles and Frites in the city. Outdoor seating would be a plus!

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  1. No outdoor seating, but the moules frites at Cafe de Bruxelles on Greenwich Avenue in the West Village (Greenwich Ave at 13th St) come in about a dozen varieties, are always reliably wonderful, and there's a pretty good selection of Belgian beers and ales to accompany them.

    I have been disappointed when ordering other entrees from there, but the moules frites are *always* good.

    - er

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      Although swoon worthy celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain never really cooks there, and even though its old school french bistro styling is not ironically old school in any way, I've always liked the mussels at Les Halles Park Avene. That kitchen knows how to turn out basic french bistro fare, and has been doing it a really really long time.

      Les Halles
      411 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016

    2. I enjoy Petite Abeille on 14th St at 9th Ave. They have some sidewalk tables (in good weather) and a choice of broths like white wine and garlic, creamy mushroom or something, bacon and beer, and I think some jerk/carribean one. Fries are crispy just like I like them. In any case, it always satisfies when I get the craving. Across the street with more outdoor/sidewalk seating (under an awning) is another Belgian place, Markt which I believe has a wider selection of moules frites flavors but I prefer Petite Abeille.

      Florent diner a few streets down on Gansevoort also has moules frites and sidewalk tables but I have never ordered them there. The other dishes I have had there were quite good so I would imagine it is at least passable.

      All three places have good beer selections to compliment moules frites.

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        I went to Petite Abeille a couple of months ago for the same purpose, and fortunately happened to be there on Wednesday when its unlimited moules et frites night (including a glass of beer).
        It was my first time having mussles cooked this way and I tried them in white wine and provencal sauces (waaaay too much food but hey it was unlimited). They were delicious! and the fries were great.
        My boyfriend opted for carbonade and it was very good too, just in case you go with someone not in the mood to overdose on mussels.

      2. I second Bruxelles, that is where I go when I crave mussels and frites.

        1. vol de nuit has great moules et frites, an impressive selection of belgian beers, outdoor seating, and not much else.

          1. The best moules frites I've had in recent memory was at DBGB.

            299 Bowery, New York, NY 10003