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Apr 9, 2004 11:14 AM

Fish tacos

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Sitting here at work with a craving for fish tacos and don't even have a clue where to start looking. Any ideas?

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  1. A couple West Village places w/ fish tacos:

    Miracle Grill has two kinds on the menu (catfish & mahi)...

    Benny's Burritos has them occasionally on special...

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    1. re: MixedNuts

      I've only had them at Miracle Grill on 1st Ave, but the catfish soft tacos are FABULOUS.

      1. re: Steph

        Warning on the Miracle Grill fish tacos. They SLATHER them with a spiced mayo (way, way too much). Ask for it on the side.

    2. The fish tacos at Mojo are great, they are ground Sea Bass and come in crunchy taco shells!

      1. if you work in east midtown,
        you can get some interesting fish tacos at pampano tacqueria in the crystal pavilion at 3rd ave and 49th street.

        1. and zarella's in grand central food concourse offers some fish tacos, with the fish fried baja style, that can satisy a craving..

          for the real deal, in my opinion, the closest thing we have around here is green cactus, a small chain, located out on Long Island..

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          1. re: jesse

            i think you are referring to Zocalo, not Zarella.


            1. re: pebbles

              Best fish tacos I have had on the east coast...but I just started my search. I was in Cali for 3 years and went all up and down the baja mexico coast. My favorite thing to eat in the world is the fish taco. This place brought me right back to the fish taco I was eating in mexico.

          2. San Loco (various East Village locations) does a catfish taco that is decent - the fish is fresh - no mayo though if that is what you are looking for.