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Fish tacos

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Sitting here at work with a craving for fish tacos and don't even have a clue where to start looking. Any ideas?

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  1. A couple West Village places w/ fish tacos:

    Miracle Grill has two kinds on the menu (catfish & mahi)...

    Benny's Burritos has them occasionally on special...

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    1. re: MixedNuts

      I've only had them at Miracle Grill on 1st Ave, but the catfish soft tacos are FABULOUS.

      1. re: Steph

        Warning on the Miracle Grill fish tacos. They SLATHER them with a spiced mayo (way, way too much). Ask for it on the side.

    2. The fish tacos at Mojo are great, they are ground Sea Bass and come in crunchy taco shells!

      1. if you work in east midtown,
        you can get some interesting fish tacos at pampano tacqueria in the crystal pavilion at 3rd ave and 49th street.

        1. and zarella's in grand central food concourse offers some fish tacos, with the fish fried baja style, that can satisy a craving..

          for the real deal, in my opinion, the closest thing we have around here is green cactus, a small chain, located out on Long Island..

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          1. re: jesse

            i think you are referring to Zocalo, not Zarella.

            Link: http://www.zocalo.us/grandc.html

            1. re: pebbles

              Best fish tacos I have had on the east coast...but I just started my search. I was in Cali for 3 years and went all up and down the baja mexico coast. My favorite thing to eat in the world is the fish taco. This place brought me right back to the fish taco I was eating in mexico.

          2. San Loco (various East Village locations) does a catfish taco that is decent - the fish is fresh - no mayo though if that is what you are looking for.

            1. Taco Taco on 3rd Ave. and 90th has fish tacos as a special pretty frequently. Their food is uniformly among the best Mexican in Manhattan, and the fish tacos are no exception.

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              1. re: Matt L

                I forgot Taqueria y Fonda at Amsterdam and 108th. I recently ordered a pork taco and a fish taco -- both were good but I originally thought the fish was pork. It still tasted pretty good. The place is a dive -- but their tacos are good...Don't let my easily-deceived palate sway you, they are only a few bucks

              2. Pampano Taaqueria- without a doubt serves the best fish tacos in New York. The key being, the fish is super fresh high quality fare from the restaurant- which is a fancy Mexican fish restaurant. Fresh good quality fish, in my opinon makes or breaks a good fish taco and sadly most places in the city that make fish tacos use poor quality fish.

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                1. re: josh L

                  i agree - these are quite good. there's also a really small place on elizabeth street called something like portale? i'm blanking, haven't been in awhile but the fish tacos were really good, the place is fun and very, very inexpensive. maybe someone can remember the name? i'm too swamped to look, must get back to work.

                  1. re: djk

                    I've developed a small addiction to the Pampano Tacqueria's fish tacos.

                    1. re: brooklynmonkey

                      where is this magical place?

                2. I had fish tacos last night actually, at Radio Mexico on Front Street (not to be confused with Mexican Radio on Cleveland Place). They were good, but so were the margaritas so I don't remember too many details.

                  1. n
                    no fish tacos in NYC

                    From my experience, there are no good fish tacos east of I-5.

                    And based on what people here define as a Baja or West Coast taco, you won't be finding one soon.

                    I feel a small business loan coming on....

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                    1. re: no fish tacos in NYC

                      does your ny fish taco experience cover every place listed on this thread???

                      i'll add CAFE EL PORTAL on elizabeth, south of spring street. good ones. also, EL REY DEL SOL on w14th has them as well (sides are terrible, fresh fruit margs are deadly).

                      as a wildcard i'm wondering about the new little west midtown mexican spots like DEL VALLE, TEHUITZINGO, etc that everyone is hyped about lately.

                      1. re: mrnyc
                        no fish tacos in NYC

                        Of course I haven't had a fish taco at every establishment listed in this thread. Nor do I have the inclination, as most posters wouldn't know a good west coast/baja style fish taco if it took a chunk out of their posterior.

                        In any event, it seems from the descriptions of the various offerings in NYC that none are true to the basic ingredients of said delicacy.

                        If you are qualified in this regard, by all means describe what is being offered as fish taco at your favorite NYC tacqueria.


                        1. re: no fish tacos in NYC

                          "...most posters wouldn't know a good west coast/baja style fish taco if it took a chunk out of their posterior."

                          again you make another broad generalization, but at least this time it was not a quote from a bumper sticker like the first was.

                          you think no one here has been to california except you? fish tacos are a constantly evolving prospect in this town not a lock---still you cannot try one crummy place and throw up your hands. now its your turn to go out there and report back to us yourself with your unique experience, per your request you might want to start with this list.

                          1. re: mrnyc
                            no fish tacos in NYC

                            When I hear an appetizing description of a proper fish taco you bet your azz I'll be on the first train to check it out.

                            Until then, I think I'll take a pass on catfish tacos slathered in mayo or whatever else seems to be passing for a fish taco in this town.

                            "Mr.NYC" an expert on fish tacos? Sounds fishy.

                            1. re: no fish tacos in NYC

                              playing it safe is your loss kid.

                            2. re: mrnyc

                              just found your email trail... has anyone found a great fish taco - deep fried, cabbage, creamy chipotle?

                              Just moved out here from San Francisco, where Nick's Crispy Tacos' (in russian hill) were enjoyed and indulged in two to three time's a week. If anyone can simply say, "I've been to Nick's and XXX place in NYC is as good" I'd be there in a heart beat. So far, the closest I've come are the fish tacos I make, which are hardly edible and a far cry from the REAL THING.

                              Any help would be most welcome.


                              1. re: fishy

                                green cactus on long island.. closest you're going to come..

                                1. re: jesse

                                  I'll second the Green Cactus rec.

                      2. Fish Tacos arent the easiest thing to find here, but there are some interesting takes.... the seared tuna and avacoado taco (blah blah blah not authentic) at the grey dog cafe on carmine are always amazing!!!!
                        and dont ever try them at miricle grill on bleeker.... NASTY!

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                        1. re: mark

                          Thanks for all the recommendations. Looks like I've got quite a few places to try. I tried Pampano and thought they were good but not great. Certainly not as good as the one's I had while in Atlanta this weekend.

                          Looking forward to trying them all!

                        2. i'm just a big fish taco fan so i'm always searching them out...

                          i had a decent one at Snack Dragon on 3rd & Ave B. a bit 'gourmet-ish' but pretty yummy. i think it was seared mahi mahi, which doesn't make them battered and fried, which i personally like.

                          also i remember having some good fish tacos at mercadito, but the prices were pretty high and the portions small.