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Apr 8, 2004 05:08 PM

Brioche - where to find??

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Hi chowhounds - I need help. I live across the river in Northern New Jersey and travel to Manhattan quite a bit for shows, restaurants, etc. However, I having a hard time finding bakeries that sells brioche. I think Payard sells them, but I'd like to know of other places. I prefer not to go downtown, 30's to the 70's would be OK. Thanks for your help. Oh, yes, where is the Little Red Hen bakery?

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    how 'bout Fauchon 56th & Park

    1. Any of the branches of Le Pain Quotidien (they are all over the city) will sell you a very nice small brioche (not a loaf, just a "single serving" size.) Their baguettes are excellent too, in my opinion some of the best in the city.

      The locations are:
      1131 Madison Avenue - New York, NY 10028 (between 84th and 85th street) - Phone: (212) 327 49 00

      1336 First Avenue - New York, NY 10021 (between East 71st and 72nd street) - Phone: (212) 717 4800

      833 Lexington Avenue - New York, NY 10021 (between 63rd and 64th street) - Phone: (212) 755 5810

      50 West 72nd Street - New York, NY 10023 (between Colombus & Central park West) - Phone: (212) 712 9700

      38 East 19th Street at ABC Carpet & Home (between Broadway & Park Ave) - Phone: (212) 673 7900

      100 Grand Street - New York, NY 10013 (near corner of Mercer Street) - Phone: (212) 625 9009


      1. the excellent little red hen is on the east side of second ave between 85th and 86 street

        1. Although I haven't had one in years, I remember the brioches at Chez Laurence patisserie (Madison/38th) being really good.

          And Balthazar bakery makes nice orange-flavor brioches that are available at other outlets around town (such as the Corrado bakery in the Grand Central Station food hall).