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Brioche - where to find??

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Hi chowhounds - I need help. I live across the river in Northern New Jersey and travel to Manhattan quite a bit for shows, restaurants, etc. However, I having a hard time finding bakeries that sells brioche. I think Payard sells them, but I'd like to know of other places. I prefer not to go downtown, 30's to the 70's would be OK. Thanks for your help. Oh, yes, where is the Little Red Hen bakery?

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    how 'bout Fauchon 56th & Park

    1. Any of the branches of Le Pain Quotidien (they are all over the city) will sell you a very nice small brioche (not a loaf, just a "single serving" size.) Their baguettes are excellent too, in my opinion some of the best in the city.

      The locations are:
      1131 Madison Avenue - New York, NY 10028 (between 84th and 85th street) - Phone: (212) 327 49 00

      1336 First Avenue - New York, NY 10021 (between East 71st and 72nd street) - Phone: (212) 717 4800

      833 Lexington Avenue - New York, NY 10021 (between 63rd and 64th street) - Phone: (212) 755 5810

      50 West 72nd Street - New York, NY 10023 (between Colombus & Central park West) - Phone: (212) 712 9700

      38 East 19th Street at ABC Carpet & Home (between Broadway & Park Ave) - Phone: (212) 673 7900

      100 Grand Street - New York, NY 10013 (near corner of Mercer Street) - Phone: (212) 625 9009

      Link: http://www.painquotidien.com

      1. the excellent little red hen is on the east side of second ave between 85th and 86 street

        1. Although I haven't had one in years, I remember the brioches at Chez Laurence patisserie (Madison/38th) being really good.

          And Balthazar bakery makes nice orange-flavor brioches that are available at other outlets around town (such as the Corrado bakery in the Grand Central Station food hall).


            1. Levann bakery on 74th between Amsterdam and Columbus.

              1. Well a Brioche is not a Brioche until u try it from GARDEN OF EDEN ON 14 STREET They carry the most original Brioche (topknot) and some flavored one too,u can always try AGATHA & VALENTINA which they carry the loaves and some flavor brioche,but if u want to go higher u can try FAIRWAY MARKET OR GRACES,which they carry those little brioche which comes 8 in a bag,,I heard they bought it from the first French guy that set up 5 Brioche retail store called GOLDEN BRIOCHE in the Eighties and they closed their last store in 1994 on Broadway besides Macy,but this french guy assistant continue baking this original Brioche in New Jersey today.Talk is everything but u should try it,bake a little when u got it home or microwave it for 10 second and u have the best and most original Brioche u can get your hands on.They use to sell it to DAGOSTINO,HILTON,AND WALDORF ASTORIA.

                1. I beleive Amy's Bread sells brioche. I am a fan of Zabar's as well and if you are in midtown, the takeout store for Thalia's (50th & 9th) usually has brioche. Naked City Cafe (786 9th ave) sells balthazar's brioche.