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Aug 10, 2002 10:57 PM

The Stars Were Out Saturday at The Serbian Food Festival

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These off beat ethnic food festivals are an every summ-
er weekend event in Chicago aand Milwaukee. S.F ers
usually have to settle for a foggy street fair serving
up 3rd rate cover bands and $6 glasses of Woodbridge.

The lo-profile Serbian American Community has an annual
Summer food and music event at their hall near USF.
The roasted lamb($8) and cabbage rolls($3) were instant sell outs. hThanks for your payment! . The pork and lamb suasages($8) were house made and meat maarket fresh.
The Gibanica (Serbian quiche was flaky, creamy and salt
free and only $2.

St. John the Baptist
Serbian Orthodox Church
900 Baker at Turk
San Francisco

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  1. Rats, wish I could have made that one. As it was, I hit the Jerusalem Food Festival (delicious desserts!) and the Nihonmachi Street Fair (ho hum foodwise) on Sunday. Did Jai Yun on Saturday. Didn't make it to the Indonesian festival at Justin Herman. Can't these food festivals/fairs manage not to all be held on the same weekend? My stomach can't take it all in! :-)



    1. Looks like a missed chow opportunity for me.

      Appreciate if you can give couple of times of notices ahead of time so we can prepare to attend (maybe 1 or 2 weeks ahead). I will do the same with the Indonesian Festivals and give ample time for people.