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Apr 6, 2004 03:45 PM

Best food on West 72nd Street

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I've lived on the UWS for quite some time, but I couldn't list all the restaurants just on West 72nd street if I tried. For some reason--construction, wrong direction, poor signage, quality--I seem to walk right past most of them.

So, which restaurants--only on West 72nd Street--are the best? I know most of us love Gray's Papaya, but I'm interested in hearing about some of the other places ONLY on West 72nd b/n CPW and Riverside...

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  1. Sambuca 72St. CPW/Columbus-decent southern Italian. Large portions, good value

    1. There is now a branch of ONY the noodle shop between b'way and columbus that has quite yummy soup at quite reasonable prices.

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        Ivy's Cafe next to ONY has decent neighborhood take-out (Chinese/Japanese). Burritoville down near B'way has good (duh) burritos (try the Bob Marley or the White Bean Chili.) Le Pain Quotiden for brunch is b/t Columbus and CPW on the south side (Dallas BBQ on the north). 72nd St. Diner near West End is fairly popular.

        1. re: Paul

          I was curious about that diner at 72nd Street and West End -- Has anyone been recently?

          How about the food at the All State, Sugar Bar, Poona, My Favorite Bistro, Omega Diner? These are all places that for some reason I never think of for food. Thanks for pointing out Sambuca, ONY and Le Pain Quot. -- I often forget about those too. What of Dougie's Kosher BBQ? West End Cottage?

          (I'm quickly realizing how many restaurants this one stretch contains, but I'm still confused as to why I pass so many of them by for restaurants on Broadway or Columbus...)

          I may just have a memory problem in my old age, so thanks in advance for all these reminders...

          1. re: Mixed Nuts

            Omega is closed, or under reconstruction or something like that. I went to Poona's once about 4 years ago. Never went back. Balucci's on Col. b/t 73 and 74 (I think) is much better. Was at the diner on 72nd and West End about 2 months ago. It's got decent pancakes and eggs. Utopia Diner, though, may be a bit better (Amst. b/t 72 and 73) though the pie there that we've tried is not good.

            1. re: Mixed Nuts

              all state is the best restaurant on 72nd st.

              i usually get the burger or fried chicken, but my wife will get fish, pasta or any special.

              if you like local joints, all state will be your place!

        2. THere's Kinoko for decent Japanese - not the best, but OK value.

          1. Tasti D Lite. Seriously.

            1. I've been to My Favorite Bistro (72nd/Col) a couple times in the last year. They have decent wood-fired pizza and a very reasonable wine list as I recall. Something about the atmosphere there makes me feel like I'm in a coffee shop rather than a bistro though. Perhaps it's the glass display case that was there on last visit.