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anyone been to gnocco in the east village? good? bad?

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  1. I really like this place - better to wait until the weather improves so you can sit in the back garden. The indoor space is a little small. The food is excellent and reasonable.

    1. i really liked it. get the gnocco appetizer (kind of like a zeppole, sans powdered sugar, with prosciutto and the like). the specials were all really appealing. service was nice. backroom is spacious and comfortable. one of the better EV italians.

      1. the gorgonzola pasta is definitely the best thing on the menu - it is AMAZING.

        1. I went there after reading some posts on this board praising it as being one of the best of the cheap East Village Italians, even better than Frank.

          I did enjoy it - the Gnocco appetizer was great - and its definitely worth trying. I wouldn't put it in Frank's category, though.

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            chubby nimphette

            sorry to disagree.... bit the food there is not good. the ambiance is nice and some of the wait staff are charming- others not so much, but that's all right. The garden is nice the prices are fine, but teh food just is not very good. it's fine- not fresh and not great ingredients. the garden is a nice space, though, and the mood is festive. but don't go for the food.

            1. I have had nothing but bad experiences there (3x). Rotten fish (literally stinking and rotten - how they didn't vomit while cooking it is beyond me) coupled with the 1/2 hour wait for a replacement dish was my last and final attempt to enjoy this place. The previous two times my husband and I were either served cold food or undercooked pasta. I think they suck.

              1. Anyone been here recently?! Thanks! KOBI

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                  they suprisingly serve a really good pizza. went about a month ago.

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                    I was there and had the gnocchi - they were passable, but on the heavy side and bland. I remember the portion being generous. In the neighborhood, you could do better.

                2. Stick to the pasta and avoid all other entrees.

                  The place has gone downhill honestly, but gorgonzola cream sauce, and gnochi still make for great dishes. I have to admit I've experienced that undercooked pasta someone else mentioned, but as long as you're not too adventurous, they are capable of making one of the best pasta dishes in the city.

                  You can sit in the back during winter since it's enclosed.

                  1. I feel very confident in my assessment, since I live above it, and have since before it opened.

                    It used to be great and a phenomenal value. Now, its "good" and maybe a little over priced compared to other options in the 'hood.

                    They raised their prices about 60% overnight a few years ago, and I haven't really been able to forgive them for it.

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                      Thanks for the opinions all. Ended up not going. Filmbomb, where in the 'hood do you prefer? Thanks.