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First anniversary/debating over different choices

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Hi y'all,
I need a delicious, romantic first anniversary choice.

Did already make reservations at One if by Land, which looks perfectly lovely, but then I read the review on the NYT site and wondered if we should go to Daniel, for better food, or maybe even Chez es Saada, which doesn't appear to be reviewed on the NYT site.

Does anyone have either-
-other suggestions or
-feedback on the above?

expensive is OK.

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  1. Happ Anniversary. Eash of the places you mentioned are in different leagues. OIBLTIBS is very romantic but food is common. Nice enough menu but nothing earth shattering. Good wine list. Daniel is just exquisite. Very formal and you feel like a million bucks when there (and may spend that too!)It will be memorable. Chez es Saada is sexy but food is not in the same class as Daniel, or even TIBS for that matter. Which is more important to you? Food, or atmosphere? Daniel is so far superior to the other duds. Apples to oranges, IMHO. Check out this place Erminia on the upper east side too.

    1. Friends of mine had their anniversary dinner at OIBL, recently, and their meal was horrendously bad. For the money, I'd definitely point you in some other direction.

      Daniel is a little stuffy for my tastes, but the food is exquisite and the service will make you feel like King and Queen.

      If you're looking for a nice combination of mood, service & food, how about considering Il Buco - 47 Bond Street b/w Lafayette & Bowery. I've never had a bad meal there, the food is eclectic & put together well, the atmosphere is cozy and romantic (all those antiques), and the service is good. They have a terrific wine selection, too, so splurge on a nice bottle. And if the downstairs "casque" room isn't rented out for a private party, share a glass of port down there (and a kiss).

      1. We went to Aquavit for our first anniversary and had a wonderful time. Just another suggestion!

        1. I would definitely vote for Daniel. One if By Land is a nice space, but the food is not that good.

          Daniel is the best upscale restaurant in NYC, in my opinion.

          1. I've been to both, each on a different anniversary (OIBL - 1st and Daniels - 12th). Daniels, hands down, is the much better restaurant. OIBL's Beef Wellington is to die for but Daniels is just at a different level.

            You can't go wrong with Daniels and the Mrs will love you for it. Be prepared to spend $200 - $300.

            Enjoy and happy anniversary.

            Mine 13th is next month and I'm leaning towards Jean-George.

            1. Sorry to everyone who likes it, but I was just at Daniel on Saturday night with my "dinner club" (3 couples who are foodies) and the whole experience was awful. The food was okay, the services was awful. I sat with my entree in front of me and no utensils for at least 15 minutes. Also, we ordered a bottle of wine (2 actually) and after it was finished we all sat there with nothing to drink (not water, not wine-nothing) for 15 minutes as well. We had the tasting menu, so the meal was around $250 per person. We had been looking so forward to this meal and were deeply disappointed. The chef ("Daniel") was walking around greeting people all night-I think he should have been in kitchen. If you want upscale go for Gotham, Bouley (in tribeca), Del Posto or Jean-George. Telepan is less "upscale" but also a great place to eat.

              1. We went out for an anniversary dinner Sunday night at Blue Hill and it was perfect. I highly recommend it. We had 2 apps, shared a third one as a midcourse, 2 entrees, one dessert, plus a lot of wine (2 glasses of cava to start, a bottle of delicious Australian viognier, a glass of red for me with my duck, and my BF had a glass of sauternes and the bill with tip came to $244. Expensive, but not outrageous given the quality. I highly recommend the summer vegetable salad, the ravioli, the cod with clam chowder, and the duck. But, really, everything was great. The restaurant is fancy, but not pretentious, and the service is warm but very professional.

                I can't speak to the other choices mentioned, except Telepan (good, but Blue Hill is better), and Il Buco, which is great, but not quite in the same league.

                1. FYI, given that this thread has been resurrected, Chez es Saada no longer exists.

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                    Yes, I agree with rose water-Blue Hill is better than Telepan. I forgot to mention it! :)

                  2. OIBL gets terrible reviews on CH if you do a search.

                    Daniel is lovely but maybe a bit formal.

                    I'd go with Bouley...had a perfectly wonderful anniversary dinner there a cpl years ago. Last year was Per Se which was also amazing but more expensive and very hard to get a rez.