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Mar 13, 2004 07:03 PM

Lazzara's Pizza

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Has anyone tried Lazzara's pizza cafe on West 38th? I want to take my sister out for good pizza but don't have the time to go to Brooklyn or the village. Thanks.

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  1. Lazzara's has one of the best thin-crust (scilian cut) pizza's you ever had. Try it with meatballs (cut into small pieces). Great old New York environs, too.

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    1. re: bill donohue

      I love their pizza as well. It's underated in my opinion.

    2. any current opinions on lazzara's? i've never been there but occasionally hear good reviews.

      i'm sure some of you have seen this, but time out ny ranked it as #9 on its top 10 pizzas list.

      personally, i don't agree with much of the list.
      joe's made the top 5 (are you kidding me)??? patsy's in east harlem didn't make the cut? no louie & ernie's? sullivan street bakery #3? (i like their pizzas, but feel they're different enough that they should be included in a separate category.)

      your thoughts on lazzara and/or this list?

      1. OK it's not the best in town, but it is the best in that particular area. All the pies are served thin crust sicilian, which is called "grandma's style or slice" at most other pizza places. it is pretty good, they have just about every topping you can think of and as it's the only game in town (at least in midtown west) it can get pretty busy for lunch can't really comment about dinner

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        1. re: jth

          i second this.

          my favorite pizza's Franny's in Brooklyn, although i like Pala on LES too

        2. I stopped in to grab 2 slices of the sicilian last night for the 1st time (on my way to Rickshaw Dumplings which I now feel are way overrated but that's for another thread). I thought the sicilians were very good and would like to go back. I'd put them on par with Maffei's which also makes a good grandma slice (I.e.thin square style)though not as good as Adrienne's and certainly not as good as DiFara's. DeMarco's if you hit the timing right (moon and venus and oven must be properly aligned)can be a contender too.

          1. The subs are GREAT. Sausage and Peppers, Chicken Parm, and Meatball are the best. The pizza is unique. Very very thin and very buttery crust. I liked it a lot, but it's not classic pizza. It's not even a classic "Grandma" slice, IMHO. It's more like bakery pizza...those strange pizzas that bakeries sometimes invent that taste great but aren't pizza. Sullivan St. Bakery does this. It's great tomato bread with toppings, but a 7 year old would not call it pizza.