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Best Beef Jerky in NYC

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I love to travel upstate or outwest and find a great beef jerky made from filet mignon or real good beef. Anyone know of who sells any great jerky in NYC?

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  1. try mott st and elizabeth st between grand and canal and broome.

    1. there's a place around grand st. and elizabeth st. that sells mongolian beef/chicken/pork jerky. i think it's fantastic and go there all the time. i'm not sure of the name and i dont know the exact location off the top of my head.

      i originally found it by doing a beef jerky search on chowhound. oh just found it - 95 A Elizabeth Street.

      here is the link: http://www.chowhound.com/boards/manha...

      1. There's also a place on the south side of Canal somewhere between Rutgers and Orchard/Pike Streets that has excellent spicy pork jerky. At this same place, I encountered chicken jerky. Has anyone tried this? I feel like it might be too dry.

        1. Malyasia Beef jerky
          95A-Elizabeth Street between Grand and Hester.

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          1. First off I've never tried it but...

            Today I was at the Waterfront Ale House (30th & 2nd) and they sell two different types of what looked like homemade beef jerky at the bar.

            I'm not a jerky fan, it looked so good that I was pretty tempted. Give em a call and good luck.

            1. Ping's Dried Beef @ 58 Mulberry St. This place has been around for as long as I remember (I have lived in NYC since 1978). This is the dry kind from Hong Kong, not the semi wet Malyasia kind.

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                Ping's is now called Jung's....same owners, same recipe.

              2. Not only have I tried all the Chinatown jerkys mentioned here,I order jerky from all over. One of the best however is right here in Manhattan: Dickson's Farmstand Meats in the Chelsea Market. They have two, why the salt n pepper one is great, the Star Anise & Red Chili jerky is amazing, spicy, but incredible flavor. Enjoy!

                1. I stop into New Beef King on Bayard St. in Chinatown every once in a while and get some. I'm afraid its not filet mignon, but seems more like a sliced brisket, but I like it. They have several types there.

                  1. Ducks Eatery (351 east 12th street) offers spicy brisket jerky with black peppercorn and palm sugar. Warning - They are addictive.

                    1. The chile star anise jerky from Dickson's farmstead meats in Chelsea market has the best jerky i've ever had, it's crack.

                      1. Of mass produced beef jerky, Wild Bill's is considered the best in the industry. It takes them twice as long as others to produce because of extra steps taken in preparation. There is some available in NYC, but their strongest market is upstate, pennsylvania and New England. Industry experts say that muscle meat is the best meat for beef jerky.
                        Also, just because some jerky is homemade doesn't necessarily mean it is better than mass produced. Also, non- USDA inspected meat is not allowed to be sold at retail. So i'm not sure about some of the jerky mentioned as looking like homemade.