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Mar 9, 2004 09:57 PM

Best Beef Jerky in NYC

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I love to travel upstate or outwest and find a great beef jerky made from filet mignon or real good beef. Anyone know of who sells any great jerky in NYC?

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  1. try mott st and elizabeth st between grand and canal and broome.

    1. there's a place around grand st. and elizabeth st. that sells mongolian beef/chicken/pork jerky. i think it's fantastic and go there all the time. i'm not sure of the name and i dont know the exact location off the top of my head.

      i originally found it by doing a beef jerky search on chowhound. oh just found it - 95 A Elizabeth Street.

      here is the link:

      1. There's also a place on the south side of Canal somewhere between Rutgers and Orchard/Pike Streets that has excellent spicy pork jerky. At this same place, I encountered chicken jerky. Has anyone tried this? I feel like it might be too dry.

        1. Malyasia Beef jerky
          95A-Elizabeth Street between Grand and Hester.

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          1. First off I've never tried it but...

            Today I was at the Waterfront Ale House (30th & 2nd) and they sell two different types of what looked like homemade beef jerky at the bar.

            I'm not a jerky fan, it looked so good that I was pretty tempted. Give em a call and good luck.