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Aug 4, 2002 10:53 PM

Oakland Chinatown Dumplings from Shan Dong

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Finally got around to trying March 2002 recommendation from Melane, Charlie T and Lisa T for Shan Dong's dumplings. Excellent. Knew I'd like them when I saw the woman in the window rolling out dough with a little wooden rolling pin. I'll never go back to Costco's or Trader Joe's. Talked them up too much in the office and ended up schleppng 12 dozen back to coworkers a few days ago. They're $4.25 a dozen for Shan Dong (mixture), $4.50 for pork w/ leeks, pork w/ cabbage, beef, vegetarian, chicken. Make sure you ask for frozen and get the dipping sauce (we doctor it with a little Tuong Ot Toi chili garlic sauce but it's a good base). They also deliver 5-9 pm w/ minimum $15 order within radius of 1 1/2 miles so those of us who work in downtown Oakland are in luck.
(And stop by Shepherd b. Goode's recommended Pho Hoa Lao II across the street--333 10th Street--for huge portions of pho at amazing prices--bathtub size is $5.90)
Shan Dong
328 10th Street
Oakland, CA 94607


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    Melanie Wong

    We seem to have dumplings on our collective minds. Here's a link to a post on places to find dumplings in SF that got buried in another thread.


    1. m
      Marc Wallace

      I'd agree. Went there last night, and tried the "Shan Dong" dumplings. Fresh and tasty.

      The hot'n'sour soup was good, too. It was a thinner broth than many places (not at all gluey), and *very* peppery.

      I wasn't thrilled with the Shan Dong Beef (recommended by the server as better than the Kung Pao we were going to have gotten). It was good for what it was, but it was fairly sweet, so it didn't go well with the dumplings.

      They were very nice and helpful with cooking instructions for the frozen dumplings (we just had to pick up two dozen). And on a Tuesday night after 8pm they were practically empty.

      Thanks for mentioning this place again! I wouldn't have stumbled across it otherwise...