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Mar 8, 2004 03:50 PM

Who makes a great BLT sandwich?

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In a huge city like this, there has to be someone who does an exemplary job with a basic like a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Your recommendations, please.

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  1. well, I've always been partial to the BLT at Eisenberg's, on 5th ave and 22nd. In addition to a great tuna sandwich, their BLT is excellent as well, and the atmosphere is certainly unique. You've really got to like bacon for this one -- its not a BLT that displays alot of "balance." That, a lemonade and a bag of chips will set you back about $7, as I remember. I work too far away now to go often, but whenever I am going to Paragon I stop by there for lunch.

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    1. re: bigskulls

      I have to disagree about the BLT at Eisenberg's. Although there was plenty of bacon (which I like), the strips were on the cold side instead of hot and crispy. Out-of-season tomatoes were totally tasteless, and there was way too much lettuce. Perhaps they do better with other types of sandwiches, but this one was a real disappointment.

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        tuna sandwich and a lime rickey is what you want at EISENBERG'S. my kind of power lunch.

        a great if not totally traditional take on the blt is to be found at TEA&SYMPATHY. outstanding super thick bread and that brit style bacon (that we would call fried ham). it's just 100% delicious.

      2. re: bigskulls

        I really like the BLT at Penelope's on 30th and Lex. Good balance of Bacon to Lettuce/Tomatoes and good bread. I've also heard good things about the BLT with fried green tomatoes at Blue Smoke for lunch. I love their bacon, so can imagine the sandwich being really good.

      3. Try Chat 'n Chew. They do very well with classic fare like this, their mac'n cheese is good too. I think there may be more than one location by now. The one I went to was in the west teens, sorry don't have the exact address, but you can find it easily.

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          warning, they load a huge amount of bacon onto this sandwich. to eat it as a sandwich, i have to take most of it off. then i eat the bacon separately.

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            A couple of years ago, NYMag. gave an ecstatic review of the BLT at the Chat 'n' Chew on 16th St. east of Union Square. I tried it, and it was dreadful, at least on that occasion -- cold, dry, on nearly burned tasteless bread, bacon way overcooked, etc., etc.

          2. i like to get a blt at mchale's on 46th when i'm not in the mood for their great but gargantuan burger. their blt is loaded up with yummy, crispy bacon.

            1. Kitchen 82 on the Upper east side has a pretty good one, they grilled the bread instead of toasted it which I though was a nice touch. Nice triple decker ordeal. Good with a hangover and a bloody mary.