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Aug 2, 2002 10:46 PM

369 Promotion in the Pacific Rin Shopping Center

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369 next door to A&J are running a promotion. If you spend ten dollars on a meal you get a two dollars coupon for later use. You can up to 5 coupons at a time. The one I have expires September 15, 2003.

This restaurant serves Shanghai style food.

We had for lunch

Red Braised Beef Stew with Tendon over thin noodles. A&J is better, but that may I get the thick noodles there. Also this was milder and less spicy, a plus for some and minus for others.

The Drunken Chicken, again milder with a less wine taste. But you get a full hindquarter.

Little Dragon Buns, we got I think 8 or 10. Freshly cooked, but the meat was more red (maybe beef or some spices) and did not taste like pork to me. But otherwise was very good.

The best dish served, a fried Beef Pie. Perfectly done with the beef steaming inside and outer crust fried but not oily.

The whole meal cost $20.00 including tip and tax.

Nest time I will use the two dollars coupon.

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  1. I also go to 369 branch in Milpitas quite often. Mostly for the yang chow fried rice which I think is one of the best tasting chinese fried rice. Big shrimps, lots of eggs and tasty rice. I noticed some decline in quality and also smaller portion on my last meal. Maybe a different chef. That would be a shame if it continues. Many of our family members love this fried rice.

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    1. re: Han Lukito
      Melanie Wong

      Here's a link to your post from last year. I thought the smoked chicken was good.


    2. Yimster. I thought you were on a diet and that you were saving yourself for Dim Sum. Tsk,tsk, tsk.

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        Greg: I have reduce the volume of food I now eat, but I still eat. My wife is happy with the leftovers and I have lunch tomorrow.

        1. re: Yimster

          Where is the place that you liked the fried rice so much? In one of those shopping centers where we met for Dim Sum or another place? I need directions as Abdrew loves fried rice more than Dim Sum if this is possible.

          1. re: Greg

            I'm the one who suggested the fried rice. I believe they offer this at all the branches of 369. I went to the branches in San Jose and Fremont and both offer the fried rice. Remember to order the YANG CHOW fried rice and NOT the other kinds. The branch in Fremont seems to decline in quality somewhat. I noticed smaller portions and fewer shrimps. It's still quite good. Also, see link below for the details and their menu.

            Try the other branches (i.e. San Jose branch or others) - and give them a call to make sure the restaurant and the dish is still there since it's been a while since I visitted that branch.

            I also enjoyed their snow fish.

            369 in San Jose:
            369 Shanghai Restaurant
            1698 Hostetter Rd
            San Jose, CA
            (408) 441-9369


            1. re: Han Lukito

              Han, I just want to add my two cent on what Chinese call snow fish. The proper name is sea bass.

              Just for you Greg I will give up my diet and have the Yang Chow Fried rice.

              1. re: Yimster

                I thought that I want to give a bit of warning that almost all their dishes are a bit on the oily side as is most chinese places anyways. But if you don't care then go ahead and enjoy yourself. I protect my Yang Chow fried rice fiercely from my ravaging wife even though she has her own noodle dish. he-he-he

                Of course, we must remember to share !

                Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.