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Mar 3, 2004 09:03 PM

Beef stock bloody Mary?

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i've heard tell of a bar on the UES that makes the best cocktail. does anyone know if there is one place or am i so out of the loop and so not aware? i don't know what the cocktail's name is but it is essentially a vodka and beef stock number.
if there is more than one bar then suggestions as to the best food therein would be great. will be on an expense account, but can't go too overboard.

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  1. I believe the cocktail's name would be a Bloody Bull or a Bull Shot, depending where you look. Can't help you on the bar; sorry.

    1. The name escapes me, but they make bull shots at a place on 3rd ave. just south of 79th street.

      1. J.G. Melons -- 74/3

        1. Salt, on Clinton Street on the lower east side, makes an excellent version.

          1. The Bull and Bear Bar in the Waldorf is well known for it's bullshot. Serve food too but I can't vouch for it having never eaten there. Entrees are around the $25 plus range.