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Feb 23, 2004 02:50 PM

Best Espresso

  • j

I want to get people's opinion on the best espresso in New York. I personally have found nothing close to Buon Italia in Chelsea Market. The espresso is perfect and makes me remember what it is like in Italy.

What are your choices?

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  1. Just a tad off topic... but if you're going to have a great espresso at the Chelsea Market, why not also pick up a slice of Ruthy's Cheesecake to go with it... also at the market. From our recent tasting, Ruthy's matches coffee perfectly and if Buon Italia is great coffee, you would have a tremendous snack!

    1. I agree--in fact, this is the only "real" espresso I've ever had in New York. I love those little Nutella pastries they sell, too.

      1. Oslo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. No, it's not Manhattan, but it's worth the trip.

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          Where is Oslo? For best espresso I would vote for Gimme! coffee's new shop on Lorimer St., also in Williamsburg. In Manhattan, Joe on Waverly Place in the village does a good job.

          Joe Moryl

          1. re: Joseph Moryl

            Oslo is at 133 Roebling, on the corner of Metropolitan in that funny new building complex. Thanks for the Gimme!Coffee tip.

        2. s
          Steve Harrington

          Otto. As the last spoonful of hazelnut gelato slides down your throat, calmly sip your espresso (no sugar, no stupid lemon peel) and ask yourself where you would rather be for the next ten minutes or so.

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          1. agree about BOUN ITALIA coffee, its very hard for me to pass up when i'm in the market. nearby, THE CHOCOLATE BAR makes good espresso too. they use illy.