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Feb 20, 2004 01:58 PM


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Where can I find the best feijoada in NYC? There has been some discussion about the best Brazilian restaurants in Little Brazil and it has got me thinking. When I lived in LIC I really enjoyed the feijoada at Fast & Delicious. Anything in Manhattan, prefebly downtown?

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  1. I replied in an earlier post, that Eric Ripert claims that Circus (on Lex & 62nd) has the best feijoada in the city.

    I haven't personally had any that I liked, here. Nothing can compare to the stuff I got in Rio. But it might be worth a shot.

    1. DELICIA in the west village. be prepared to wait and wait for anything you order there but its very good.

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        I second that. It is either on west 10th or 11th Street in W. Village. A few years ago (2001?) Zagat gave the restaurant a 23/24 for food, but it has since disapeared from the little red book.

        Another place that serves the feijoada is Rice n' Beans on 50th St. and 9th Ave. Someone here must have tried it and can comment on the quality.

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          I've had at that Rice n Beans and it's good. Haven't had it at any other place so I can't say how it compares.

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          It's a Brazilian black bean & pork stew. Traditionally, it's made with all sorts of pork parts that aren't usually eaten - the feet, fattier areas of the joints, etc. It's fabulous!

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            I know this can sound scary but it really isn't at all. You should really try it if you get a chance it is delicious. Good hearty fare.