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Cheapest Wine, Liquor & Beer Stores

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I am having a party and would like to find out where the cheapest place to get liquor is in my neighborhood, the west village. i am willing to travel to chelsea and central village and will go to multiple locations to find the best deal. any thoughts?


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  1. Astor Place Liquor on Broadway just off Astor Place has pretty good prices. I live in Soho and in my experience they have better prices and selection than a lot of other places in the general area.

    Link: http://www.nywinetour.com

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      warehouse wines has cheap prices, it is on Bway near 8th, but not exactly sure of cross street. I like Astor better, but it is close by and you may get some good deals.

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        The two are very close; I'm partial to Warehouse, just because they have my stand-by bourbon of choice - Knob Creek - for about 8 dollars less than I usually see it.

      2. Even though it's not in your neighborhood, Sherry Lehmann has excellent prices and great inventory. They offer free delivery for orders over a certain amount, probably $100 or so.

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            Up on Madison Ave, sorry don't remember the cross streets. I generally figure out what I want, then call them to check inventory and price. They almost always have what I need, and their prices on wine tend to be very competitive. Their prices on champagne aren't as good, I've found, and I'm not sure about hard liquor. For example, I ordered the wine for my wedding from there--not only did they have several cases of the white I need on hand at short notice, but the price was better than anywhere else in town.

          2. Warehouse on 8th and University Place is by far the cheapest for wine in my experience.

            1. If you are looking for a place to get cheap beer, there is a wholesale-type beer place on the north side of Houston in the EV (like between A and B or B and C, I think) that is amazingly cheap and has a great selection...unfortunately I don't know the exact address or name (I think it was something boring like "Beer Warehouse")

              For wine and hard liquor, other people are right - the place on Broadway below 8th st is the cheapest, although not the best selection

              1. I prefer warehouse over astor for price & selection. Warehouse has beer though.

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                  No liquor store in the state of NY sells beer. And no beverage distributor or food store sells wine (except for low alcohol wine coolers). It's one of the many peculiarities on NY liquor laws.

                  So if you mean Warehouse Wines and Liquors on B'way at Astor Place, they do not sell beer. W W&L seems to do a lot of purchasing for price, so much of their stock varies from time to time. Once you get past the basic standard brands, you can sometimes pick up some great bargains in lesser known (or simply good purchase) brands of wines and liquors. (I don't mean "house brands" but rather odd lots and products of smaller houses). For example they have as previously mentioned Knob Creek (750 ml) for $5 or $6 less than you can get it anywhere else; Wild Turkey *101* for an amazing $19.99 a *Liter*, 4 dollars less than at the so-called discount liquor stores. OTOH, JD is $39.99/1.75L bottle, a price you can get in any store and $4 more than I pay in Brooklyn.

                2. Crossroads on 14th bet. fifth and sixth is great. They are helpful and will get you anything and the prices are good.

                  1. Crossroads on 14th just east of 6th has the best prices for what I buy. Currently, I buy a handle of Jim Beam for 19.99 and Krug (yes, Krug) for 89.00. If anybody can beat that I'd love to see it.

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                      Wow. Bourbon and Krug. So I guess it's safe to say the party's at your house? I'm awed.

                      Never heard the term "handle" before. I like it.


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                        Yes, the term "handle" is just excellent. We heard it from you first, ChelseaGirl!

                      2. Warehouse is great for liquor, but iffy on the wines - avoid anything older or pricier, since you'll be taking your chances as far as cooked / corked bottled go. I've had a higher percentage of bad bottles from there than anywhere else. For younger bottles, though, they're fine.

                        1. Wow, this posting is old! But it's still relevant...Trader Joe's wine shop has a LOT of wine for pretty cheap-I've bought numerous bottles there for $3.99-6.99 that have been hits at dinner parties. They have lots of brands and their own house brand, and they have champagne for as little as 4.99 for a bottle! They have a limited chilled selection, and the line literally wraps around the stores almost all the time, but it's worth it.

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                            Yes, you are right about the old post, but it's working for me, since I'm looking for discount champagne in Manhattan. But I'm confused, because I thought grocery stores couldn't sell liquor in NY. My Trader Joes in Forest Hills definitely doesn't. It would be great if they did. Is that a separate store?

                            Trader Joe's
                            142 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

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                              Yes, Trader Joe's has a separate wine store at 138 E. 14th, a few doors west of the grocery store.

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                                Thank you kindly. I see you all are talking about cheap wines, do they have any selection of nice champagne reasonably priced? Thanks again for the help. My boyfriend and I are staying in Manhattan for a couple days and I want to surprise him.

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                                  I'm pretty sure Trader Joe's carries champagne. They stock higher end stuff as well as cheaper stuff, and their prices are very competitive, so it's certainly worth a try

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                                    Hey small h, thanks so much, I really appreciate it. Maybe I should lobby my Forest Hills store to get a wine/liquor annex! Thanks again.

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                                      Can't happen. NYS law does not allow for anyone to own more than one liquor store in the state. Therefore, there can be only one TJ, WF, etc in the state with an associated liquor store.

                          2. Hey guys, following up on the original post--does anyone have good ideas on where to buy large quantities of beer (like cases or even 30s) in Manhattan? We're having a big party and because of Trader Joe's I'm covered on wine, but I'm not sure where to go other than grocery stores/bodegas for the beer.

                            I'm on the Upper West Side, and there's a surprisingly good beer selection at Pioneer on 73rdish and Columbus, but I'd love to hear if anyone else has tips.

                            Trader Joe's
                            142 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

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                              Are you looking for anything in particular? Besides the Pioneer on 74th Street, the Whole Foods on 97th (at Columbus) has an excellent selection. They also have several taps (5 or 6 I think) and sell growlers (or bring your own for filling). The store delivers, though I don't know what they charge.

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                                I've not been there yet, but there's a beer distributor on 2nd Street between Ave C and D.