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Feb 17, 2004 04:21 PM

Dinner near 53rd and 7th Ave.

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I've been given the job of selecting a restaurant for Friday night dinner for four in the vicinity of a conference at 53rd St.and 7th Ave. Nothing wonderful and reasonably priced leaps out at me. Any recommendations? Ethnic and casual OK, wine inconsequential. Thanks

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  1. Molyvos

    Trattoria Dell'Arte

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    1. re: Nina W.


      Ben Benson's

      1. re: carlysimion

        Churrascaria Plataforma is delish and good for groups.

        I second the nomination for Victor's, as well.

      2. re: Nina W.

        Divane (52nd and 8th)

      3. There are some nice places on 8th Avenue in the 50s, if you don't mind walking one crosstown block. Cielo on 54th Street is good, as is Rio Grande on 52nd Street.


        1. Also, Victor's and Red Eye Grill (I think it's fine, but mixed reviews on here)

          1. judson grill