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Feb 9, 2004 02:57 PM

Pakistani/Halva Puri on the island

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hello again - thanks for some of the advice below (re: 7th/Christopher).

Another question from a Chicago chowhound- I'm looking for an authentic Pakistani place, and I'd love it if they offered some breakfast/lunch Puri w/ Halva. I realize that most likely the best Pakistani places will be in Queens and Coney Island/Blkyn (correct?) but I'm sure there have to be a handful in Manhattan.

If no idea on Puri, I'd still love to know if there is a concentration of Pakistani establishment on the island.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are three good pakistani places in Manhattan. They are, in order of my personal preference:

    Pakistani tea house on Church street. Great roti, good tea, lots of good choices for food, good vegetarian options.

    Cuisine of Pakistan on 9th Avenue. good roti, no tea, good meat choices especially meatballs and lamb. Tandoori is not very good.

    Lahore on Crosby. Good late night food. Sometimes a little greasy. Better off ordering what is on top of the counter. Good chicken patties and pastry thingy. Good tea, no bread, no sitting.


    1. Hey "ab" - did you find any places in Manhattan that serve halwa puri? I'm looking! thanks for any help.