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Feb 7, 2004 03:03 PM

Looking for some good SHAKSHUKA

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I'm looking for some good middle eastern Shakshuka in Manhattan. HELP!

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  1. What a great question. I love shakshuka. I think you can probably get it at Triangles, on 2nd Ave. downtown, but it's not so good. There's a Moroccan/Israeli place - I can't remember the name - maybe Ali something - on Amsterdam near 85th St. - try there.

    But by all means, you should make it - it's very easy, and by far better at home...if you want a recipe, post here and I'll start a thread on General Topics.

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    1. re: Nina W.

      Actually, I made it this morning- LOVE to make it at home- it is very easy. Just looking to see if there is a location in the city that makes it too!
      Glad to hear I can find it at Alibaba- Love it there.

    2. I'm having some delicious shakshuka as we speak, from Hummus Place on Amsterdam betw. 74th and 75th. I can't get over how good it is. Perfect for a cold winter day.

      I'm not a shakshuka connoisseur by any means, so if anyone can recommend a place with better than Hummus Place, that's my next stop!

      1. Hummus Place has more than one location, and their shakshuka is pretty darn delicious. NYT had an article on shakshuka in a food section not so very long mid to late 2006 if you want to look it up. I know they recommended Hummus Place.

        1. Thanks! Just looked it up, but unfortunately you need to purchase the article to be unarchived.

          Just wondering, does anyone have a favorite recipe?

          1. Love the Shakshuka at Hummus place! I eat there about 2x a week on the UWS. I tried making my own Shakshuka and I use the following ingredients and it comes out close to Hummus Place's:

            Fresh tomatoes
            Canned whole or chopped tomatoes
            Tomato paste
            fresh red or green chillies ( i like it spicy! but this is optional)
            green pepper or sometimes I used cubano peppers
            lots of garlic
            olive oil
            sweet paprika
            salt & pepper

            basically you alter the ingredients according to your own taste. make sure to saute at least 4 cloves of fresh chooped garlic in a generous amount of olive oil (at least .25 cup) and 1 chopped onion and then add the peppers, chillies. saute until soft then add the tomato stuff. I usually use 1 can of the tomatoes. 3/4 to 1 can of the paste, and 6-8 fresh chopped tomatoes. add lots of paprika, salt and pepper to taste. cook until desired doneness. some people like it thicker, or more watery so it's up to you. crack eggs into pan, cover and cook until done.

            i make a big batch (minus eggs) and then freeze the remainder. when i defrost some, i like to re-saute it with another clove of garlic and maybe a fresh chopped tomato before adding the eggs. Enjoy!

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              Wow, sounds fresh and delicious. Thanks!