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Feb 2, 2004 10:55 PM

Maroon's- Jamaican food

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Maroon's on W. 16th-- reviews/ recommendations?
Thanks for your input.


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  1. Maroons is southern cooking - they have fantastic fried chicken and very good macaroni and cheese and pork chops. I think they just expanded by taking the space next door. The service has always been warm and welcoming.

    1. excellent place,
      typically I'll get the fried green tomato app., and Jerked Chicken for the main course.

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      1. re: Jerry

        I prefer the Jerked Chicken wings appetizer to the Jerked chicken entree, which doesn't seem to absorb as much spice. On our last visit, I had two apps, the chicen wings (5) and crabcakes (2) with two sides, mac and cheese and collards, instead of ordering an entree. The amount of food and tbe price were the same as if I'd ordered an entree. My husband had the curried goat, which was delicious; I'm not sure if it was a special. I've heard from many that one of the best things on the menu is the stuffed pork chop, which I keep meaning to order, but hate to pass up those wings.

        1. re: Rebecca BG

          Just went with a friend to taste the fried chicken a couple of weekends ago. The food was great, but we were unlucky in that there were two enormous groups taking up all of the other seats in the dining room besides a party of four next to us. The groups (one group of 16 and one group of approx. 24) completely overwhelmed the small kitchen, and we waited for nearly 2.5 hours for our first bite of food (we were on time for our 8:30 reservation; we were seated about 20 minutes late and did not receive our cod fritters appetizer until nearly 11pm!). The group of 16 pretty much all stormed out just as our appetizer came out - they were so fed up with waiting. To her credit, the manager came out and tried to appease them, but there was nothing she could do. ...The cod fritters and the chicken were excellent (I'd just returned from a vacation in Jamaica the preceding weekend and these fritters were much tastier than any I'd had in Jamaica!), but the extremely slow service gives me pause in thinking about returning to Maroons. Our waitress could have made the situation a bit better by being quicker with our (several) rounds of drinks at the table while we waited and waited and waited for our order, but she was not all that attentive. Hopefully we were just very unlucky; I hope the reservationist will not allow two large parties ever to coincide again - it means that everyone in the dining room suffers!

      2. Excellent restaurant, and very modest prices. I've been to their old place as well as the expanded one -- the "expanded" portion was pretty noisy, but the tables in the bar-room are nice and quiet, oddly enough. I have to admit we always get the fried chicken (which, clearly, we really like). The callaloo, white corn grits, and mac-and-cheese are excellent, and if you've got room, try the hot bread pudding. Service is attentive; last tme we were there the woman who I took to be the manager came by to chat, and see if everything was O.K. (The only problem with the place was, she promised to send me the recipe for one of the sauces, and never did. But that won't prevent me from going back and trying again).

        1. Great, great place!

          1. I concur with the green fried tomatoe rec. I also like the cod fish fritters app and jerk chicken. they have a lady bartender that makes good potent drinks. portions are huge so, be careful if, you do not have a huge appetite as it is easy to over order.

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              I second the potency of the drinks--wow!

              Note that Maroons has Jamaican AND Southern food, so it's a great place to take those who like spicy & those who don't. We went there for Father's Day last year and had a wonderful time.