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Jul 28, 2002 02:46 AM

White tomatoes @ farmers market next week

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George's Peach Farm at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's market will have three boxes of heirloom white tomatoes next week. There are a few varieties of white tomato. The one a friend gave me from the garden was very nice. It had a guava like flavor. Don't know if these will be the same.

George's is near the cactus stand. Go early if you are interested.

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  1. I've been enjoying reading all your posts on what's happening at the market, Thanks. These tomatoes sound interesting - are they really white? I remember trying a variety last year that were very pale yellow, with pointy ends (almost like a hachiya persimmon). They were firm and tangy, with a beautiful fruity fragrance.

    So far, the heirlooms this year have yet to reach the level of tomato heaven for me. Probably a combination of it being early in the season and me not getting out of bed early. However, that hasn't stopped me from eating so many tomatoes every week that I am (almost) tempted to wonder whether there are any potential health risks associated with over-indulging... :)

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      Stanley Stephan

      Thanks for the nice words. It's nice to have people who are interested in food to share finds with.

      The one and only white tomato I tried was a kind of ivory color but tomato shaped. The heirloom tomato post made me ask about white tomatos on Saturday. Prime time tomatoes seem to hit about mid-August, but Peach Farm seems to have the best so far with quite a few varieties.

      Had my tomatoes with some fresh mozarrella from the Pasta Shop at the market. For $3 it was a good price and nice cheese.

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        I think that you're okay, chibi -- from what my nutritionist friend tells me, our bodies can accept an over-abundance of fresh, chemical-free vegetables and fruits during the summer months. In fact, many people's body chemistry works better this way, since their ancestors may have eaten this way for thousands of years (before refrigerated trucks and grapes from Chile). If you don't have any digestive problems, you're probably okay. Veggies are one of the very few things our bodies don't mind if we overdo! Also, remember to cook a few of those tomatoes -- they say it releases the beneficial lycophenes (sp?)