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Jan 31, 2004 08:43 AM

Shiner Bock beer

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Does anyone know if you can get Shiner Bock beer anywhere in NYC?

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  1. Last I checked their northeastern-most distribution point is Maryland. A crying shame as this once and future Austinite wakes up in cold sweat cravings a couple nights a week, pining for my dear Shiner...

    They say on their website they refuse to contract to other breweries to widen distribution, which is a good thing if you think about it, though it helps us not a whit.

    Everytime I'm in DC I freak out cause it's in run of the mill grocery store beer sections. Might be worth a road trip...


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    1. re: THM

      I miss walking down 6th street after some decent 'cue and a few Shiners... and all those crazy college kids running around and cheering on the State Capitol steps the night before a Texas vs Aggies game. Just don't mix any jello shots with those Shiners or ya'll gonna be very unhappy. It's a pretty decent brew, not what I would call a bock since it's a bit too light for that, but better than a lot of American Micro's. I put down quite a few when I lived down south.

      1. re: The Rogue

        damn shame how most of the country gets shiner
        yet the northeast is treated like an evil step child.
        the gambrinus company should be ashamed of themselves.
        You can go to any southern/SW/SE state and most of
        the West coast and get shiner readily. takes em
        just as long to ship there than say New York.
        just another case of the anti NY bias by this company.;

        1. re: Father Jack

          Live in Buffalo, would love to find a way to ship it up here. Any ideas? Thanks.

      2. re: THM

        I've been on the East coast for 10 years now and at first I was angry that I couldn't get Shiner up here too. I have to say that now I''m glad that I can't. It gives me more incentive to travel back to Austin. My last trip, we ambled down to Shiner, Texas and had a grand old time. In this day and age you can get almost anything anywhere and it's nice to know that there's something special waiting for you when you reach the Lone Star State.

      3. I have been looking myself. I just spoke with American Beer Distributors in Brooklyn( a great beer store) and they said they did not have it but get a ton of requests. They had Celis though(former austin beer)

        Just happy to see that there are a few other former and soon to be Austinites roaming around on the NY chowhound boards. I have been here since October and love it although I miss shiner, mexican martinis and a few other things. Austinites feel free to contact.

        1. sorry no shiners, but in consolation they have icy lone stars waiting for you at THE HOG PIT on 9th avenue and w13th street!

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          1. re: mrnyc

            And Rodeo Bar and Grill too (plus tecate in cans)-- avoid the cue, but eat the peanuts with impunity and check out the occasional Austin blues/country/alt-country act that shows up, free cover every night....


          2. I seem to recall finding Shiners at the Rodeo bar on 3rd avenue (maybe 22nd st.????). This was some time ago might want to give them a call.

            1. Were you on a Avistar van @ LGA carrying a 12 pack of SBB yesterday around 4PM? You had just returned from Texas (balmy weather 55-60 degrees) and were singing the praises of these suds. The 12er didn't last that long.