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Jan 28, 2004 08:58 PM

Grimaldi's -- The Best?

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Been living here for a few months now, and I finally got around to making it across the bridge to Grimaldi's. I was way impressed -- it definately compared favorably to the pizza in Florence, where I had been the week before -- but I need to know for sure... have I had the city's best? Or is there an uncrowned king lurking out there somewhere?

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  1. >>>have I had the city's best? Or is there an uncrowned king lurking out there somewhere?<<<

    Hmmm . . . would you settle for a very humble guy,
    (although some would say he is a prince), working
    in a place that is fit for a pauper, but who
    serves someone who makes pizza that is suited
    for a king?

    Get thee to DiFara. It's fairly simple - you have
    to go back to Brooklyn, but deeper in this time.
    Take the Q train to Ave. J, then walk 1 block to
    Ave. J and 15th Street.

    Dom has been here for 40 years, making what many
    consider to be the best pizza around. You'll
    find many postings on this board, but you have to
    go for yourself.

    A few tips: It's very popular, and Dom works at
    one speed, so expect that you may have to wait.
    You should generally avoid peak times. Weekends
    can mean a long wait, although with the weather
    the crowds are not that bad. You must try the square
    slice, even if you normally like round. I was a
    round slice eater, but Dom's squares won me over.
    The toppings are very good. If you order a slice
    with brocolli, he sends a bunch of brocolli rabe
    back to the kitchen to be sauteed by one of his
    kids, then puts it on the slice. Ditto for artichoke
    slices. The sun-dried roasted peppers are also great.

    The place is a dump, you have to get past that, but
    Dom cares so much about his pizza that it's magical.

    Where else can you have pizza by the slice from a
    pie made with 3 cheezes (fior di latte mozzerella,
    buffalo mozzerella and parmagiano Reggiano)?


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    1. I too was just in florence and didnt find the pizza half as good as new york. Have you been to lombardis? I think that beats grimaldis hands down.

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      1. re: daniel

        Florence is not really a pizza city.

        Better to compare to pizzas in Rome or especially Naples.

        I still think NY has better pizza.

        1. re: mjr_inthegardens

          Yeh, the pizza in rome is amazing. I am excited to try pinch because the article in the post said it makes that skateboard shaped pizza that you find in rome.

          1. re: daniel

            Have not been to Pinch, but for Roman-style pizza you would be hard pressed to beat Sullivan Street Bakery's pizza bianca ('regular' or w/ pecorino) - fantastico, and bigger than a skateboard!

        2. re: daniel

          You will never get consensus as to what is the best in Manhattan, all of New York City or even the NYC area. Then if you do, you are going to still have a fight with some loay to places in New Haven, CT. Some people maintain loyalty to each of Grimaldi's, Lombardi's, DiFara's, Totonno's, DeNino's, Joe & Pat's, etc. If you keep searching to boards, mainly the Outer Borough and Manhattan Board, you will find the names to almost all, if not all, of those of renown. This is a good guide. Try them and form your own opinion.

        3. I think Grimaldi's is the best in the city, and I've tried the usual top 10...but here's the catch!

          The Grimaldi's thats the best is the one in HOBOKEN.

          Same owners, same way to make a pie...but it's so much more quiet there, they pay more attention to you and your pie, hot and good.

          I feel that the one in brooklyn tries to get you in and out as soon as possible.

          1. I recently did a taste test-- and Grimaldi's is right up there at No. 1-- although after reading responses I went out to Difara's and now it's a tie for first-- see the link below


            1. I'm not going to say what's the best and what's the worst but I had the most fantastic brick-oven pizza at L'Ulivo, the pizza tartufata. Thin sheets of parmesan, truffle oil and mushrooms and garlic...with a flask of spicy garlic oil for drizzling....yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm