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Jan 20, 2004 04:12 PM

Curry Leaf or Madras Mahal

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We are going to choose between the two for dinner this weekend, hoping for some opinions.

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  1. I prefer Madras Mahal, myself. I've always had a godo meal there. But I've only eaten at Curry Leaf once, so maybe I just didn't have a great experience there.


    1. You might consider Chennai Garden, just off Lex. on 27th. I prefer this to either of the above; presumably it is run by the guy who originally started Madras Mahal. The cusine is south Indian vegetarian.

      Joe Moryl

      1. I had dinner at Curry Leaf about five months ago. At best, the food was average. The service, though pleasant, was not that sharp.

        1. I like Pongal- It's slightly better than Madras Mahal.

          1. my normal curry hill restaurant of choice is pongal. but last night i tried cardamomm. on the corner across lexington from curry leaf.

            i thought the food was very good. my companion had a bass that was very good. i was in the mood for lamb so i went with a curry dish that was similar to others i've had before but had a different name. prices are higher on average than the other indian restaurants in the area but not by that much. and the decor is very pleasant.

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              I also think Cardammon is superior to Curry Leaf, Madras Mahal or Pongal, at least from one visit. It was far from perfect, but one nice feature of Cardammon was noteworthy -- beautifully prepared, not overcooked fish. I still prefer Chennai Garden around the corner or Udippi Palace.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                Chennai Garden and Udippi Palace are both excellent, although I've only been to both for lunch. The iddly at Udippi Palace are the perfect comfort food.