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Curry Leaf or Madras Mahal

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We are going to choose between the two for dinner this weekend, hoping for some opinions.

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  1. I prefer Madras Mahal, myself. I've always had a godo meal there. But I've only eaten at Curry Leaf once, so maybe I just didn't have a great experience there.

    Link: http://www.nywinetour.com

    1. You might consider Chennai Garden, just off Lex. on 27th. I prefer this to either of the above; presumably it is run by the guy who originally started Madras Mahal. The cusine is south Indian vegetarian.

      Joe Moryl

      1. I had dinner at Curry Leaf about five months ago. At best, the food was average. The service, though pleasant, was not that sharp.

        1. I like Pongal- It's slightly better than Madras Mahal.

          1. my normal curry hill restaurant of choice is pongal. but last night i tried cardamomm. on the corner across lexington from curry leaf.

            i thought the food was very good. my companion had a bass that was very good. i was in the mood for lamb so i went with a curry dish that was similar to others i've had before but had a different name. prices are higher on average than the other indian restaurants in the area but not by that much. and the decor is very pleasant.

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              I also think Cardammon is superior to Curry Leaf, Madras Mahal or Pongal, at least from one visit. It was far from perfect, but one nice feature of Cardammon was noteworthy -- beautifully prepared, not overcooked fish. I still prefer Chennai Garden around the corner or Udippi Palace.

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                Chennai Garden and Udippi Palace are both excellent, although I've only been to both for lunch. The iddly at Udippi Palace are the perfect comfort food.

            2. Absolutely terrible. The food at Curry Leaf has seriously declined in the last year. A lamb dish was ordered, the meat was so tough it was barely edible. The rest of the meal was mediocre at best.

              The service is the poorest of any of the Indian restaurants in the area. The wait staff are quite brusk and inattentive.

              Never again.

              1. What happened at Curry Leaf? It was quite good a few years back (as the reviews they still have plastered all over the windows attest), but the last couple of times I went it had declined severely. Bad food served with bad service. And the regional dishes that once distinguished them have disappeared into a generic Indian menu much of which is the usual old 6th St. slop. Was there a change in ownership? There are much better options in the area, including all of the places mentioned here and Saravanna's further down Lex.

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                  Glad to hear the chorus about Curry Leaf. I ordered delivery several weeks ago and the malai kofta had furry black mold inside. I phoned trying not to be hysterical and they were utterly patronizing, insisting that I was unfamiliar with the spices! It was late and they were closing and wouldn't refund the dish and agreed only to send another the next time I phoned (this response drives me crazy--why would I order an unsuccessful dish twice? or indeed, trust them to handle a second order any better than a first? With no better options however, I filed it away and a few nights ago ordered again requesting the replacement malai kofta which was provided gratis and without any difficulty--and tasted strongly of freezer burn.

                  I like Madras Mahal fine but unlike Curry Leaf is vegetarian.