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Jan 13, 2004 02:32 PM

Indian Buffet DINNER?

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Craving a good Indian buffet, but who's got one for dinnertime? I'm hoping for freshness, spice, complexity, and variety.

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  1. Not a buffet, but as cheap as imaginably possible, is Bengal Curry on West Broadway arund Park Place, just above WTC. Cafeteria style. Great servers, great Bengladeshi food, the best nan bread always freshly made. Food always fresh. Not a pretty place, but plenty of seats and lots of window. Open for dinner, I don't know how late. Caveat- Haven't been there for 6 months or so.

    1. any of these exist in curry hill? I feel like I've seen buffets in the basement of that place next door to kalustayan/rice on lex and 28th, Haandi? i just want some decent, but economical eats in that area

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        correction; just called them, they only have buffet at lunch. and what I recall, it didn't look very good either. hmmmm.

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          The buffet is a mixed bag. Chicken dishes are surprisingly good, in particular the karahi, jalfrezie and acceptable biryani. It's not a go-to spot for lunch, but it does satisfy the craving for decent Pakistani home cooking now and again.

        2. re: bigjeff

          It would be nice to get as much Haandi's chicken biryani and jalfrezie as you could for dinner, but I'm not certain if the buffet is open past lunch. None of the signs give days or hours of operation for the buffet.

        3. Al Naimat. Ok, it's in Jackson Heights, but this place is my all time favorite Indian/Pakistani buffet. 8 bucks and that includes desert.