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Jan 11, 2004 10:44 PM

West Bank Cafe/B.Smiths/The Gamut

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Been to either of these? Wondering if any are decent...

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  1. I think the West Bank Cafe is great. The food is solid, unsurprising but satisfying and the atmosphere, style and service are all very comfortable and professional.

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    1. re: jake pine

      Pretty odd combination you've got here. B. Smiths is pretty uninspiring, though it has a nice room and isn't terrible. The Gamut is a nice, warm room, good staff and crowd but DEFINITELY not about the food. It's a great neighborhood spot in an area that's not a neighborhood (25th and Park).

      1. re: xavier

        The Gamut on 25th St., just east of PAS, closed a long time ago. It was replaced by a Cajun restaurant that didn't last. That location is now occupied by a place that does laser eye surgery. Did The Gamut move to another space?

        West Bank Cafe has excellent New American cuisine, good service, well-spaced tables and pleasing decor.

    2. Went there two nights ago with a friend who considers it her dining room. Food was very good, and interesting, too. Nice wine list. It's now on my list for the theater district.