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Dec 30, 2003 10:35 AM

Portuguese Sweet Bread or King's Hawaiian Bread?

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A friend of mine is looking to find King's Hawaiian Bread for a recipe, but it's practically unavailable in the Northeast. I understand that Portuguese sweet bread would be a close antecedent, so I was wondering if anyone knew where to find either (or a reasonable facsimile) in Manhattan? I know of Portuguese bakeries in Newark, but other than that, I'm perplexed. Any ideas?

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  1. I think I saw some hawaiian bread at a Trader Joe's in New Jersey. And they definitely carry a version of the portuguese sweet breads (like english muffins).

    This item is not common in NY area - in my experience, when we see it it tends to come down from the Azorean/Portuguese bakeries in Massachusetts, rather than from our local bakeries.

    If they are looking for the bread for a recipe, maybe a lightly sweetened egg bread like challah or panettone would substitute. Those ARE readily available in NY .

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      Whole Foods and Gourmet Garage stock Portuguese Sweet Muffins (from bakeries in Massachusetts -- I forgot the name), but I've seen them there.

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        The Portuguese Muffins come in more than one variety...the sweet yellow(and sometimes sugar-coated) ones and the English-muffin type...true - most are "imported" from Massachusetts, including those from CENTRAL BAKERY in Fall River (English-type) which are sold at Citarella and other stores...IMO, they've seen better days, and are less eggy/buttery than before.

    2. I looked at the recipes and verified that it is a sweet eggy bread - based on or = portuguese pao dolce. That you could definitely buy at texeira's bakery or other newark bakeries. but I stick to my thought that challah bread, brioche or a pannetone, would work just fine - or even stroehmanns potato bread, which is yellow and rather sweet too (some of hawaiian bread recipes have potato as an ingredient) particularly the challah is the same sort of bread. Those portuguese "muffins" are a different dough - though sweet they are not eggy and are a bit chewy rather than soft. good luck!

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        Thanks much for your help, Jen. I ended up picking up a loaf of conjoined brioche rolls from Whole Foods, and those did the trick just fine. The recipe was just this spinach dip that's commonly served with King's Hawaiian bread in Fly-over Country. The broiche was a fine dipping mechanism, just barely worth slogging through Whole Foods during the after-work rush.

      2. Is there any difference between Portugese Sweet Bread and King's Hawaiian? What are you going to make with it, the King's French Toast? Take that suggestion of Panetone and make Panetone French Toast. Sounds like YUM, no?

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          1. Saw King's Hawaiian yesterday at my local Gristede's if you are looking for this again.

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              Which Gristedes is that? I called most of the locations on the UES during a recent search and couldn't find any Hawaiian bread.

              1. re: JungMann

                I remember reading and commenting on a similar thread last year. You can check various locations that carry King's Hawaiian bread in the link below:


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                  I saw the same thread and ended up calling all the nearby Gristedes, Pathmarks and Pioneers, but none of them carried Hawaiian bread. A couple had no idea what it even was.

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                    I haven't even seen it in Hawaii past few years. They used to make it in round loaves or tradition rectangular loaves-was soooooooooooo good especially toasted w butter or for French toast.

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                      Wow. that's terrible. Sorry to hear that. I know it's so frustrating not to find what you need.

                      I buy it occasionally at an A&P in Scarsdale, NY and they sell the small, 4-pack. I doubt if you will come all the way out to Westchester County to get them but here is the address:

                      668 Central Ave, Scarsdale, NY 10583

                      I know King's in New Jersey carry them too.... if you dont' mind going that way. Contrary to popular belief, you can't find everything in Manhattan! I suppose King's Hawaiian Bread maybe too "suburban" for the city :)

                      1. re: bearmi

                        Waldbaums in Queens carries Kings Hawiian. I've seen it in Bay Terrace and on Francis Lewis and 35 Ave.