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Dec 26, 2003 01:14 PM

Where to get chafing fuel?

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A Christmas present requires a 2.6 oz. can of chafing fuel. Broadway Panhandlers doesn't carry it, and Williams Sonoma is sold out. Anyone know where I could get this--TODAY (Friday)? I have a dinner party tonight and need to use my new toy.

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  1. Most of the restaurant places on the Bowery carry it by the case.

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    1. re: jake pine

      what about Bed, Bath & Beyond.

      Or Gracious Home...they have everything.

      1. re: ninaballerina

        Or any grocery store. Ask for Sterno.

        1. re: ChrissieH

          This is for a S'Mores maker, like Stacey's. The instructions basically insist that you use ETHANOL-based chafing gel. Regular Sterno has METHANOL, which is fine for heating fondue pots, but probably not a good idea for roasting a marshmallow, or heating any food directly.

          Finding ethanol-based chafing fuel gel has proved practically impossible, even though Sterno makes the stuff. Anyone know where we can get some in Manhattan?

          1. re: Tom Steele

            I found a site where you can buy a pack of three 2.6 oz. cans for 3.99. It says it is ethyl alcohol (same as ethonol) based, made by Sterno.


    2. I don't know where to find this fuel either - I need it too for a s'mores maker I got for Christmas!!

      1. can anyone help with this? looking to pick up a disposable buffet tray and a couple cans of sterno for an office lunch tomorrow; I work in midtown and was hoping to pick up something at a nearby hardware store or home depot or something. anyone have any suggestions? kmart a possibility? jack's 99cent store? national wholesale liquidators?

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        1. re: bigjeff

          In case anyone comes across this while doing a google search for sternos in Manhattan (I did), they do have them at Gracious Home.