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Dec 18, 2003 10:04 AM

Parisi Bakery

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Pass by this place in little italy everyday via auto. Has anyone been here, what would you suggest.

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  1. I think it is a deli actually.. I have been by it and have seen subs being made.. I think there is a zagats sign somewhere on the door.

    1. It's a bakery and a sandwich deli (for lunch takeout) place on Mott. They bake and sell several varieties of Italian breads, nothing spectacular, just good honest bread (I believe they do their actual baking in a storefront above Houston). They also sell breadsticks, and one or two varieties of focaccia that look pretty nice, but I've never tried them. I've never had their sandwiches, but they are usually quite busy at lunch. I buy bread there-- but if I can get to Zito's on Bleecker, I actually prefer their bread.

      But Parisi has a great neighborhood feel. Almost anytime you walk in there you can listen to a conversation between a customer and a counter person that seems likes it has been going on for years. It's one of those classic neighborhood spots in which you get the feeling that half the people in there have known each other all their lives. Plus, Frank Sinatra supposedly bought bread there.

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        I don't find Parisi's bread to be anything to go out of the way for, but I do stop in for a lunch every now and then. Parisi makes a pretty good meatball to my taste. You can opt for meatball (or chicken) parm in a container rather than in a sandwich and skip the bread all together, or get a piece on the side. Five meatballs topped with freshly sliced moazarella. Good sauce. $5.50

        Sandwiches are huge and priced well (most somewhere around $5-6). But I lean towards the Italian Food Center a few blocks away for sandwiches.

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          For me a better option is Alevea (sp?) just across from the Italian Food Center on Mullberry & Grand. Better ingredients, less choice.

          Great Roast Beef, but the steam table sells out fast.

          Real old skool joint.

          Parisi also has a working bakery on Elizabeth Street, a great source for pizza dough. Here is something that happened there recently:

          From the NY Post:

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            I do like Alleva too. Was going to mention that in my previous post, but IFC is a little more similar to Parisi. Alleva can be a bit intimidating with no posted menu or prices.

            I like Alleva's meatballs too. (My theme of the day.) But I feel like a garlic bomb for the rest of the day. I beleive that the measts and cheeses are a notch or two better than IFC. Look forward to trying the roast beef.

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        They also make a nice peppers and egg hero for breakfast. On a nice day, take it around the corner to the "park" next to lombardi, grab a chess table,open up the paper and relax.

        1. I've been going to this place for the past 25 years. Bread is consistently good and subs are right on the money. The neighborhood feel of the place rounds out the positives.

          1. Parisi Bakery makes the most amazing sandwiches in the neighborhood. Most people swear by Dom's on Lafayette, but they many gourmet yuppie sandwiches. Parisi make's a classic Italian sandwich. Fresh baked hard Italian rolls, almost like a French Roll. I always get capicolla, fresh mozzerella, and there home made roasted peppers. Its amazing!