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Dec 15, 2003 01:28 PM

Wild Boar Salami

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Anyone know of an Italian market or specialty store that stocks this and other Tuscan favorites?

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  1. Salumeria Bielese makes their own and it is excellent. Its on 8th ave in Manhattan at about 28th st.

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    1. re: Paulie

      Thanks for the reply. Looking for something I can buy and give as a gift. Putting together a Tuscan food themed package. Any other ideas along these lines are appreciatted!

      1. re: Paulie

        Thanks for the reply. Looking for something I can buy and give as a gift. Putting together a Tuscan food themed package. Any other ideas along these lines are appreciatted!

        1. re: Paulie

          Head for the Italian market inside Chelsea Market...splendid selection...then finish it off at DiPaola's (Grand Street).

          Fond Memory Dept.: My first-ever cinghiale in the town square of Greve-in-Chianti (1994).

          1. re: Mike R.

            Hi Mike, I think we went to the same place for OUR first cinghiale. The name is Antica Macelleria Falorni; the smell when we walked in the door was intoxicating, the taste of the salami even better. Also, I went to the small bakery in the town square and ate a cone-shaped pastry with vanilla pastry cream inside. It was the best one I had in all of Italy.

            I'm definitely going to buy my boyfriend some wild boar salami for Chistmas, now that I know where to buy it! Thanks for the info.


            1. re: Rebecca R

              Did you stop and say hi to the Verrazzano statue? is an amazing little place, eh?

              The pastry: was it a sfogliatelle or a lobster tail?

              1. re: Mike R.

                Yes, I did like the statue. It's funny, we stopped in the town for a brief look around, didn't take any pictures, and it's one of my favorite memories!

                As for the pastry, I'm not sure of the name; I know it wasn't a sfogliatelle, but a lobster tail, maybe. All I do know is that it was puff pastry shaped like a cone, filled with pastry cream, and dusted with confectioners sugar. My shirt was showered with shards of pastry as I ate, but unlike the other places I ate it, this one was tender and clean-tasting, like it was made an hour or less before.

                Do the wild boar salamis you've had here compare in any way to the one you had in Greve? I hope they do! I'm not sure which place to buy from of the ones that have been mentioned here: Chelsea Market, Salumeria Bielese, or Dom's on Lafayette. Have you been pleased with the Chelsea Market and have you tried anywhere else?


                1. re: Rebecca R

                  TRUE CONFESSIONS: I've had zero wild boar anything since, I've not converted to Kosher-living, just maybe waiting for that return trip to Toscana...and, frankly, the overwhelming richness, flavor and aroma of the cinghiale is enough to drive me dangerously wild.

                  Salivatingly, MR

        2. Dom's on Lafayette (at Kenmare) has both wild boar meat and wild boar dried sausage that he cures himself. It's an excellent and reasonably priced market with many great specialty products, I'm suprised not more people mention it.

          Dom's also does an amazing lunch menu of sandwiches and salads all for under $6.


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          1. re: Aaron

            Thanks Aaron! I actually found it yesterday at Dean and Deluca in Soho but for $20/lb. I will check out Dom's, can't believe I have never heard of it as it is right in my 'hood. Love this boar(d)!

            1. re: mattyp

              Yea Dom's is really great. It's an authentic Italian market, with great meats both dried and fresh. They also carry great olive oils, dried pastas, etc. for extremely reasonable prices. It isn't the most polished place compared to others in the neighborhood (D&D,) but for the quality to price ratio the place can't be beat.

              I can't say enough about their prepared food menu either. Their homemade salami with blue cheese and roasted peppers sandwich is my favorite, and for less than $6 bucks its one of the steals in the neighborhood.


              1. re: Aaron

                dom's address, ph # ?? thx in adv

                1. re: doc

                  Dom's Fine Food
                  202 Lafayette (at Kenmare)

                2. re: Aaron

                  Just went, and it is all you said it would be. I got the salami, sam price as Dean and Deluca, but would much rather give my $ to a quality independent shop like this. I also picked up soem broccoli rabe and sausage for lunch and it was just like dad used to make. I will be back often, thanks again.

                  1. re: Aaron

                    Aaron, thanks for the heads up! I went over there today at lunch in the course of some other errands and was very pleased with my sandwich (#8--smoked mozzarella, prosciutto etc.). I am usually somewhat wary of smoked mozzarella as the flavor can overwhelm the other ingredients, but Dom's is relatively lightly smoked (no fake smoke additive, I'm sure). This is the kind of place you might just walk by, assuming it's a regular deli, unless someone told you about it.

                    Have you ever bought pre-cut, pre-wrapped cheeses there? It's something I'm a little hesitant to do usually (and I resisted again today), but I was sorely tempted by a Tete des Moines in the cooler. I wonder how much turnover they get in the cheeses.

              2. i'm desperate for some wild boar salami. are the recs here still valid (chelsea market, salumeria bielese, dom's)? any new ideas? i'd rather buy in person than do mail-order, but i'm not sure where to go.

                1. You can call first to make sure, but I bet Salumeria Bielese and Dom's will work.