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Dec 8, 2003 04:56 PM

Sushi near Penn Station

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Looking for either a good sushi place or a good cocktail lounge near Penn Station.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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  1. Niles at the Southgate hotel wasn't stayed at the hotel. Cute place. For cocktails, not sushi ;)

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      Actually, for sushi, you could try Kang Suh on 32nd near Broadway. Two floor restaurant--upstairs is the best Korean BBQ I've ever had, downstairs they have a full sushi bar. I have never gone for sushi but always looks fresh.

    2. This is a couple of blocks from Penn Station, they have sushi/thai/asian cuisine and always get good reviews!

      66 Madison Ave. (Flatiron/Gramercy/Union Square)
      Between 27th and 28th Sts.

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        Check out Minado on 32nd between 5th/madison. The interior is beautiful, and with full bar and buffet style lunch and dinner. Their staff is first rate: multilingual with headsets. Somebody dumped a lot of money into this place; but sorry to say just haven''t dined there yet, but have checked it out.

        1. Try Penn Sushi right in Penn Station itself - it's one of the take out places in the hall at the southeast side of the main amtrak waiting hall. As far as I can tell, it is run by a Japanese family and has suprisingly fresh and tasty sushi as well as a small selection of soups and other foods...not to mention an impressive selection of Japanese snacks. Best food in Penn Station to my taste.

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            Haven't been there, yet, but I was happy to find the seafood place downstairs by the LIRR - great oysters!