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Nov 20, 2003 03:39 PM

Cuban sandwich

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Who makes the best Cuban sandwich and what kind of bread is most authentic. Authenticity aside, what is the best bread to use?

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  1. Not quite sure who makes the best. I'm on the search myself. But there's a FANTASTIC place at 125th and Broadway called Flordita that had some kick-ass Cuban sandwiches.

    1. Though the bread is nothing special, the cubano at Cibao is wonderful. And it's $3.50. (Cibao's on Clinton Street at Rivington.)

      1. not to be facetious, but cuban bread is the most authentic. the bad news is that there isn't any good cuban bread north of Florida... in a pinch, you go for the softest and least "crusty" bread that has a good moisture content. this lends itself to pressing.

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