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Cafes with wi-fi access?

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Are there any cafes, preferably below 14th, with wireless internet access and decent coffee and chow? I've heard rumors that a certain chain from Seattle offers such service--for a price--but i prefer to avoid that route.

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  1. This is nowhere near the area you suggested, but I believe that DTUT, on the UES offers free wireless. The last time I was in there (a few months ago) they had a jar on the table asking for dollar donations for the internet. A dollar for a few hours of access seems pretty fair to me.

    1. Haven't actually tried out the food or coffee, but the Dean&Deluca cafe in the Borders at 100 Broadway (*way* below 14th) does have wireless access, and for free I believe.

      1. I think Chelsea Market has free wi-fi access throughout the building. Not below 14th, but just barely above it!

        1. alt.coffee on 9th & A in the East Village has free wireless internet access and an interesting crowd. I can only vouch for the Cafe au Lait, haven't had their pastries. It's right next to Tompkins Square Park which also has free wireless access (along with Union Square)

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            Bryant Park has free wireless access, too.

            1. Soy Luck Club on Greenwich Avenue has free wi-fi access. Lots of good soy based drinks (some with coffee) and healthy food in a funky atmosphere.

              1. If you have Verizon DSL and can find yourself a cafe near a Verizon phone booth (there's a list on their website, phone booths, not cafes), you can get free wifi access there.

                1. Doma on Perry and 7th Ave has it, and it's a really cute place too.

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                    It is cute, but the coffee is like toxic waste, and the food is nothing special.

                  2. Full City Coffee just opened up with wi-fi access.
                    They are on Grand Street near Clinton in the LES.
                    Great coffee and pastries. Sorry don't know exact address. I don't know if wi-fi access is free or not.

                    1. Great thread.
                      (I also would prefer to avoid the overpriced T-Mobile service in "that chain".)