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Nov 10, 2003 09:24 PM

Can one find good pasteis de natas in the city?

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The portuguese tarts?

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  1. Believe it or "nata"...their used to be a vibrant Portuguese community and a couple of delis on Bleecker Street (west side)...dunno if they even exist anymore.

    Short of that, I'd hop the PATH for Newark (Ferry Street) or the LIRR to Mineola if you're unable to locate the goodies in Manhattan...or call Texeira's or Coutinho's Bakery and try for a distribution point from their wholesale operation! (Then tell me about it!).

    Alas, the beautifully azulejos-tiled "O Padeiro" on 6th Avenue & 19th Street is history...they had 'em.

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    1. re: Mike R.

      Alfama in the Village has pasteis de nata.

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        and toucinho do ceu. etc. etc. etc.

        1. re: Kerry

          Is that like muito obrigado?

    2. IMHO, the honor of "best nata" goes to Teixeira's Bakery in Newark. Creamy, sweet filling and buttery, crisp shell--all perfectly and ever-so-slightly burnt/caramelized on top. And a bargain at only 75 cents. Undoubtedly the best this side of the Tagus--and much better than most I had on a recent trip to Portugal. If you're feeling adventurous, they have other "pastel" varieties: lemon, coconut, orange, almond, and green bean (!). FYI, "O Padeiro" was Teixeira's incarnation in Manhattan. You can still get the stuff you miss if you're willing to travel. Bom apetite!

      1. Reviving this thread because I am looking for pasteis de nata now, more than ten years later than the original post.

        Initial research shows that Teixeira bakery in Newark still exists and is going strong, but I'd prefer not to travel to Newark to indulge my craving (although it may prove necessary, and it *is* closer than Lisbon...).

        The only other name that I've come across is Cocobolo on Jay Street in DUMBO. Has anyone tried these or found other good pasteis de nata in the city? Thank you!

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        1. re: BebeMoche

          City Sandwich has them and they are good. Its been a few years since I've had them in Belem so I cant really compare. Chef Guerrieri lived in Lisbon for many years and gets much of his ingredients including the bread from the Portuguese bakeries in Newark

          1. re: Ziggy41

            Thanks! The City Sandwich version satisfied the craving, and the sandwich was darn good, too.

          2. re: BebeMoche

            Have you tried chinatown bakeries? Tai pan in flushing makes a good one, I'd guess the manhattan branch is also good.

            1. re: BebeMoche

              Thank you two for the recommendations!

              FYI - Chocobolo was a typo, and apparently no longer exists, even in Dumbo.

              I'll head over to try the City Sandwich version ASAP. Thanks, Ziggy. I also discovered your blog today. Love your writing.

              Vinouspleasure - I'm not sure about the Chinatown version. I spent 1.5 years living and working in Lisbon (can't tell you how many hundreds of pasteis de nata I ate during that period) so am afraid it won't be what I am expecting. I will, however, keep it in mind should I just be passing by...

              Thanks again.

              1. re: BebeMoche

                my understanding is that Macau was a portugese colony and from Macau they spread all over china. I've not been to Libson, but I live close to a portugese community and frequent a pastry shop that serves natas. I love them but have had better at New Flushing Pastry in flushing's chinatown. So I'd guess with some amount of sampling, you can find a good one in Manhattan's chinatown.

                1. re: vinouspleasure

                  Thanks! I am planning a taste test for some time this spring/summer now that it is warmer, and will post results then. Since the Italianized version from City Sandwich satisfied the craving, I don't see why a Chinatown version would not. I'll make sure to throw in one from Teixeira in Newark as well for comparison.

              2. re: BebeMoche

                Getting to Newark is a breeze. And while you are at the bakeries, stop for BBQ!