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Oct 26, 2003 10:42 AM


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Where is the best place to get vegan food in NYC?

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  1. There's a wealth of it! What kind are you looking for, Indian, Chinese, "health", gourmet, etc.?

    1. angelica kitchen in the east village!

      or, desserts at candle cafe on the upper east side.

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      1. re: jerusha

        Just to clarify a little, Candle Cafe (on the Upper East Side) has a full menu, not just dessert. There's a also a nice little juice/smoothie bar in the front. Everything they serve is vegan. I like it there a lot, although I must admit that, as a carnivore, I've most often just stopped in for a fresh smoothie, and I can't compare it to other vegan options. But I definitely like everything I've tried.

        Candle Cafe
        1307 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021

        1. re: Caseophile

          yes, they do indeed have a full menu, but somehow i find it uninspired, and touch and go in terms of quality. the desserts, however, are always exceptional.

      2. my favorite vegan restaurant in the city is red bamboo, on w. 4th st. they have lots of delicious fake meat dishes, as well as fresh juices. really small, nice setting.


        1. This isn't in Manhattan, but The Greens, 128 Montague St. @ Henry in Brooklyn Heights 718-246-1288 is only one or two stops into brooklyn depending on the line you take. It's the closest thing to Vegetarian Heaven (late of Columbus Circle -- I actually heard a rumor that the owner is the same) left in NYC. Most dishes are under $10 and this is what places like Zen Palate and Zenith should taste like. (Plus it's Kosher.) You might also try Veg City Diner 14th St. at 6th Ave. It's not 100% vegan, but it's all vegetarian and plenty of it's vegan. Also, I wonder if Helianthus (48 MacDougal St., (212) 598-0387 or (212) 473-7580. All-vegan, Chinese/Japanese.) is still open.

          1. TeaNY in the Lower East Side!!!!

            90 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002