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Oct 23, 2003 09:39 PM

Chocolates Made in New York?

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The holiday gift that my business sent last year to several hundred customers and suppliers included a box of 12 chocolates. It was an easy choice - Garrison Confections was located upstairs in our building on 23rd street and made great stuff. They had a box made in our choice of color, had our logo stamped on it, and had our logo printed on a ribbon (again our choice of color). The chocolates were darn good too.

We're a New York business and proud of it. Garrison Confections has moved to Providence R.I. We'd like to to include great chocolates in our gift this year, and would prefer that they be made in New York City.

I've contacted Jacque Torres, they don't do custom boxes or ribbons, they want to push their own name and brand. Chocolate Bar in the village doesn't make their own chocolates (the last box I got from them was very good, and combined Garrison and Jacque Torres chocolates). My father used to take us to Lilac forty years ago and I still love their chocolate covered ginger, but their more upscale chocolates you could put in a box aren't really special.

Does anyone have recommendations for made in New York City chocoloates that are really good and from a company that might be willing to work with us a little and that won't bust the bank? Or should I stick to our former neighbor and forgive them leaving the city?

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  1. Knipschildt?
    The Chocolate Garden on Thompson?


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      I second the recommendation for The Chocolate Garden. The proprietress is a lovely woman - studied under Jacques Torres. Her chocolates are good, and very interesting - try one of her basil truffles, for example.

      1. re: Nina W.

        The Chocolate Garden is among my favorites, but Kee runs a pretty small operation there and I wouldn't count on her having the means to prepare tailored packaging as was described. If packaging can be secured through other means, though, I'm sure she (or anyone else) wouldn't be opposed to simply selling a customer a lot of chocolate -- at which point it could be re-packaged at will.

        Something else to consider, though -- I wouldn't expect chocolates from The Chocolate Garden to survive any sort of extended travel in their finest form. They're pretty delicate.

      2. re: Kerry

        Knipschildt is in Connecticut.

      3. Can't promise this won't break the bank, how about Payard?

        1. I know of two companies on Staten Island that might meet your needs, one large and one small. I don't know enough about chocolate to say whether either makes chocolate of the caliber you're looking for but it might be worth asking.

          The first is Supreme Chocolatier and Superior Confections (related companies)
          "Members of the Katsoris (Kaye) family have been in the chocolate business on Staten Island since 1911, and have developed an international reputation for producing high-quality chocolates and novelty candy items." Supreme also offers factory tours.

          Supreme Chocolatier
          1150 South Ave.

          Superior Confections,Inc.
          501 Industry Rd.
          Staten Island, NY 10314
          718 698-3300 ext. 224
          Phone: 1-800-698-3302 Ext: 231

          The second is Andrew and Alan's Bakery and Chocolate Factory "Their chocolate shop, features hand-dipped chocolates, truffles, and novelties."

          Andrew & Allan's Bakery And Chocolate Factory
          61 New Dorp Plaza
          Staten Island, NY 10306
          (718) 667-9696

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          1. re: hilldweller

            By the way, Supreme Chocolatier opened this new factory within the past year and worked out a deal with the city so that they would not have to leave the city.

          2. 5th Avenue Chocolatier on Madison specializes in gift boxes for companies, logos, & custom chocolates. They have arguably one of the best truffles in Manhattan. 51st or 52nd on Mad.

            1. I think Evelyn's on John Street is used to fulfilling corporate requests.