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Oct 21, 2003 04:33 AM

Any Spanish Cookbooks like "El Faro's Restaurant?

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El Faro (in the Village) was my first Spanish Restaurant ..when I lived in NY.
Here in SF we have a lot of Tapas places, but I find myself wishing for Pork in Almond sauce etc from El Faros....does anyone know of a cookbook which has similar recipes??

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  1. In the late 70's and early 80's I would go to el Faro's all the time. I was in the restaurant planning business at the time and we'd take architects, etc. They all loved it.

    One thing that always intrigued us was how the Health Department allowed them to have their ice machine in the men's bathroom! Hey, it never bothered us....Their food was the best.

    Remember the downstairs kitchen? The shrimp and green sauce? Those crispy fried potato chips, the breaded chicken breast with that creamy white sauce that melted when you cut into the chicken? The big cast iron pots they served the rice and the seafood dishes in? It was all good.

    Several months ago, I inquired if they were still in business (I no longer live in NY area) and a few Hounds said its still going strong.

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      ChowFun (derek)

      That's the a kid I remember walking in with my family and a guitarist was playing Flamenco definitely set the mood for great food. I wonder how it would "hold up" today, now that my tastes are more educated? No matter...I still want to reproduce my memories of it....
      Cookbook anyone know??!

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        i live near EL FARO and yes indeed its still going strong. same as it ever was. however, the other day nearby garber's hardware closed up. how does a shop opened and run by the same family since 1884 close? sigh.


        1. re: mrnyc

          check out the dining section of today's new york times...about restaurants that miraculously stay open and you can't figure out why. features el faro's!

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            garber's didn't close, but we did open a kick ass new store on greenwich street btw 10th and charles!



      2. Have you check out Penelope Casas' Tapas or Delicioso cookbooks? Her recipes are excellent.

        1. The Book of Spanish Cooking By: Hilaire Walden.
          Great book, easy to follow recipes with photos, great selection of recipes from tapas, main courses, drinks and desserts. The Romesco sauce recipe is awesome.