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Oct 20, 2003 09:59 AM

Steve's Key Lime Pie review

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Following up on a tip from this board, I bought a Steve's key lime pie from Citarella last night. About $4 for a tiny pie.

The good news: The filling was the best key lime filling I have ever had. Perfectly tart, with zest in it.

The bad news: The crust was abominable. It tasted like unsweetened breadcrumbs and was too thick.

And because there was no avoiding the thick crust in the little pie, the whole experience was subpar.

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  1. I agree about the crust. I was wondering based on the reviews on this board if it was just me. I too thought the crust ruined the whole thing for me. If you like your key lime pie tart, check out Bubby's key lime pie in Tribeca and Dumbo. Great mouth feel, no meringue, very tart taste and good crust.

    1. I suspect the little pies are out of balance interms of amount of crust vs. filling - it is probably much better with the large pie - and a better deal pricewise, too!

      For us, it seemed like a good graham cracker crust, with quite a buttery flavor, though it softened over the 3 days we had the pie. (I snagged it from Steve on the street so it must have been dead fresh at purchase.

      Thought the flavor and consistency of the filling was just great.

      If you like lime tartness, Marquet Patisserie is Brooklyn offers an excellent lime tart

      ps re key lime pies - I had a great sample a few weeks back out at a "BYO" french restaurant called MARIQUES in Mendham NJ (973)543-9571 - not better than Steves, but creamier , really, really nice.

      1. check-out fauchon's key lime tart. it might cost a little over 4 but, it was a pretty good version.let me know how that compares with the traditional version.

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          i keep my freezer full of swingles. had one this evening after a shack burger(or two). life is GREAT!

        2. I haven't had a Swingle in a year or so, but the crust wasn't as bad as yours was. In fact, it was really yummy. Maybe the quality has gone down?

          Also, I do have to admit that the crust-to-filling ratio on the regular pie slices is better than the Swingle because of the depth of the pans used.

          AND - I've only gotten my pies straight from the source (the factory down in Red Hook) - so maybe that has something to do with it?

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            i've gotten swingles (chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick) twice from the red hook factory and i think they're pretty darn fantastic. i haven't had the pies just plain, so perhaps the crust wouldn't be that awesome without all that chocolate, but with it, i think they're pretty darn tasty