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Oct 18, 2003 04:41 PM

CHocolate covered strawberries

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I used to go to the old Broadway Lounge at the Marriott Marquis just for their chocolate covered strawberries. They were BIG and tasty. Since the renovation they no longer serve them. Any suggestion on a good place to get chocolate covered stawberries around the times square area?


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  1. They have been making them fresh at Godiva - 41st & Broadway.

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    1. re: Jean

      Just another suggestion re making chocolate covered strawberries at home. I have melted good milk chcocolate in the microwave, and then dipped the fruit. I acknowledge the double-boiler technique is probably superior, but for those who want less fuss, I have found this works pretty well.

      1. re: deena

        Um, is there such a thing as "good milk chocolate"?

        1. re: chocoholic

          I generally prefer dark chocolate myself, but if you want to try "good milk chocolate", consider Jacques Torres' milk chocolate. It lacks the buzz and intensity of the dark chocolate, but it is still quite tasty imho.

    2. These are pretty simple to make at home (at least watching my wife do it, it looks simple). Pick great strawberries, buy great chocoloate, melt in double boiler, dip, place on waxed paper to solidify. When you run out strawberries, your spouse may find other random foods to dip in the remaining chocolate (I've done nuts, bananas, and my favorite trader joe's "slab" dried apricots)

      1. If you're interested in delivery, Andrew and Alan's will deliver their hand-dipped strawberries in NYC and the surrounding region.

        Andrew & Alan's