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Il Bagatto

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Is it true that even if you have a res at Il Bagatto, you still end up waiting for AWHILE?

also, is the wait even worth it?

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  1. I have never been with a reservation, and we usually eat early so I have never had to wait. I do think that it is worth the trip. It is my favorite of all of the East Village Italian in its price class (Max, Frank, Supper, etc.), all of which I like.

    1. in my experience I've never had to wait too long the times I've had a reservation. The only advice I can give is to be there at the time you have reserved. The one thing they are notorious for is giving away your reservation if you're not there when your table is ready. I think they give you about 5 mins after your reservation time and then if you're not there, they then make you wait.

      Although I must say, I've never been too dismayed with waiting at that place...the bartender in the downstairs bar is one of my favorites in the city. Sit at the bar for 20 minutes and you will get a lesson in mixology.

      1. I say it's not worth it. I'll never go again. I've waited over an hour WITH a reservation (and our entire party showed up early) - and, on top of that, the staff was incredibly rude. Not to mention, I don't think the food is all that great to warrant such obnoxious behavior.

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          In my post I forgot to mention the rude staff as well. I have come to hate that place and after one visit last fall said never again.

        2. Yes and no. Il Bagato was great when it first opened Then it became popular and quality slipped. they also have the tables so close that you have to move the table to get into some seats.

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            loved them when they first opened...mixed every time I've visited in the last few years. gave up - not worth the risk to me when great affordable italian is plenty.

          2. Every single time I've gone I've made a reservation and had to wait. And it's not an acceptable 15, 20 or even 30 minute wait. We're talking an hour+. It's infuriating and I haven't been in several years now.

            1. A few observations: first, I wonder whether those who complain about waits are talking about Friday and Saturday nights, when Il Bagatto is admittedly quite busy and waits are sometimes required. I would note that the rest of the week it is quite easy to get in, and far more pleasant generally. Second, I've spoken to the owner about the wait on Fri/Sat, and he's explained that a lot of people make reservations and then don't honor them so they sometimes are required to overbook on the weekend nights to hedge against this. One way to avoid this is to confirm your reservation the day of the reservation. Third, regarding the service and qualtiy
              - I'm always astonished by these claims, as I find it one of the friendliest restaurants in New York, and I've been a regular customer there for years and have noticed no decline in the food. It's been the same chefs forever, the owner and her best friend (both from Rome)and I think the food is very authentically Italian. Truly, I think it is among the best trattoria's in New York. I'd be interested in knowing from the critics what nights they've eaten there and what they mean by "rude" service. As for me, I can't recommend il Bagatto highly enough.

              1. I love Il Bagatto! I've been a bunch of times and never had to wait more than 15 minutes (I usually make a reservation) and staff has always been great. I think the menu is a little more exciting than Frank (the specials in particular) which I used to love until all of the wanna-be hipsters and foodies found it. Actually, maybe I should thank them because that's what prompted me to find a new neighborhood place. In addition to great food, Il Bagatto is very cute and good for a quiet dinner for two or a group. Whatever you do, don't go to Max - the food, especially the lasagna is awful and their wine list is boring. Ugh, just thinking about it puts that terrible starchy gummy flavor back in my mouth -ick.

                1. do you guys know you are replying to a post that's 3 years old