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Oct 2, 2003 05:07 PM

inexpensive dinner near Madison Square Garden

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Looking for an inexpensive, decent restaurant in/near Madison Square Garden....going to Rod Stewart concert soon and need a good place. Any recommendations?

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  1. when I'm going to the Garden I go to the gyro place on 7th Ave across the street. quite tasty (although not everyone on this board likes the sauce). but it's basically a take out joint, not a fancy restaurant.

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        Owen O'Neill

        Inexpensive is relative.... Tir na Nog is close by on 8th Ave and said to be a good choice for Irish food and upscale pub grub. If you want a quieter atmosphere and are willing to spend a few more $$, consider Gus's Figs - I believe it's on 28th near 8th (right by FIT). Terrific Mediterranean menu and some reasonably priced entrees (e.g. in the $12 - $20 range). If beer and mixed drinks are a major food group for you than the previous recommendation of the Distinguished Wakamba Cocktail Lounge is certainly worth looking into (the name is a bit ironic, no?).

        There's also a small hole-in-the-wall Mexican place on 37th or 38th just west of 8th Ave that has fantastic and huge burritos - pretty authentic food and cheap enough. they have five or six tables and Mexican music on the jukebox - it's worth a visit.

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          Gus' Figs is on 27th St.

          1. re: Bill L.

            Figs was on 27th, but thankfully, for their neighbors, closed now. :)

            How far are you willing to go from MSG?

            There's a really good Italian called Cafe Buon Gusto Due on 26th, just off 8th Ave. On 23rd off 8th is East of Eighth (one of my faves)and Dallas BBQ.

            There are 3 places on 7th Ave between 28th & 30th that are usually all packed before MSG events - Mustang Harry's, Mustang Sally's, and another one, that are all similar bar/restaurant places. I don't know how the food is, though.

          2. re: Owen O'Neill

            if you are talking about rinconcito mexicanos on 38th, that place is horrible. i had the worst burrito there, and it was expensive, $8 for minimal filling.

          3. re: doc

            why "ouch"? I didn't mean anything sarcastically. It is my favorite quick cheap place next to the garden.

        2. Cornor of 28th + 8th ave , Khour Thai rest is very good
          btw you can go anywhere for a burger or sandwich
          if that s your taste in food.
          The blarney stones and irish pubs have great sandwiches on 8th ave.

          or the distinguished Wakamba club on 8th + 37th

          1. The original comment has been removed
              1. The Australian on 38th between 5th and 6th is nearby and it's very good australian-style pub food (burgers, meat pies, fish & chips) in a nice setting for a decent price.