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inexpensive dinner near Madison Square Garden

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Looking for an inexpensive, decent restaurant in/near Madison Square Garden....going to Rod Stewart concert soon and need a good place. Any recommendations?

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  1. when I'm going to the Garden I go to the gyro place on 7th Ave across the street. quite tasty (although not everyone on this board likes the sauce). but it's basically a take out joint, not a fancy restaurant.

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        Owen O'Neill

        Inexpensive is relative.... Tir na Nog is close by on 8th Ave and said to be a good choice for Irish food and upscale pub grub. If you want a quieter atmosphere and are willing to spend a few more $$, consider Gus's Figs - I believe it's on 28th near 8th (right by FIT). Terrific Mediterranean menu and some reasonably priced entrees (e.g. in the $12 - $20 range). If beer and mixed drinks are a major food group for you than the previous recommendation of the Distinguished Wakamba Cocktail Lounge is certainly worth looking into (the name is a bit ironic, no?).

        There's also a small hole-in-the-wall Mexican place on 37th or 38th just west of 8th Ave that has fantastic and huge burritos - pretty authentic food and cheap enough. they have five or six tables and Mexican music on the jukebox - it's worth a visit.

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          Gus' Figs is on 27th St.

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            Figs was on 27th, but thankfully, for their neighbors, closed now. :)

            How far are you willing to go from MSG?

            There's a really good Italian called Cafe Buon Gusto Due on 26th, just off 8th Ave. On 23rd off 8th is East of Eighth (one of my faves)and Dallas BBQ.

            There are 3 places on 7th Ave between 28th & 30th that are usually all packed before MSG events - Mustang Harry's, Mustang Sally's, and another one, that are all similar bar/restaurant places. I don't know how the food is, though.

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            if you are talking about rinconcito mexicanos on 38th, that place is horrible. i had the worst burrito there, and it was expensive, $8 for minimal filling.

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            why "ouch"? I didn't mean anything sarcastically. It is my favorite quick cheap place next to the garden.

        2. Cornor of 28th + 8th ave , Khour Thai rest is very good
          btw you can go anywhere for a burger or sandwich
          if that s your taste in food.
          The blarney stones and irish pubs have great sandwiches on 8th ave.

          or the distinguished Wakamba club on 8th + 37th

            1. The Australian on 38th between 5th and 6th is nearby and it's very good australian-style pub food (burgers, meat pies, fish & chips) in a nice setting for a decent price.

              1. Tracks at Penn Station is a good option.Convenient location,it's near the LIRR ticket windows.Food is pretty good and menu is varied.Good raw seafood and pints of Guinness.Reasonably prices.Tir Na Nog,as already mentioned is another good choice.

                1. It's very informal but BRGR on 7th btwn 26/27 has become my go to place before Garden events. Excellent (not Donovan's, Lugers level, but quite good nevertheless) good fries and quick.