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Sep 17, 2003 01:55 PM

Anyone eaten at Le Cirque lately?

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I've been living in New York for all of three weeks now and feel at the same time excited beyond belief and utterly paralyzed by all the dining I want to do at once here. A friend of mine from 'back home (Seattle) is coming out to visit soon and he really wants to go to Le Cirque--I suspect because it's the only restaurant in NY that he's heard of. There are lots of other places I would rather try first, but he's offering to pay, so, what the heck. So, my question is, can we expect a positive overall dining experience? Also, what are some dishes not to miss, and what would we be better off avoiding? Anyone had the tasting menu?

thanks everyone,


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  1. We enjoyed the tasting menu nearly a year ago. We actually paid less than a similar menu at Gramercy Tavern due to Le Cirque's selection of VERY nice half glasses of wine with each course, rather than bottles.

    I would avoid the foie gras appetizer. It was actually cooked through.

    While we enjoyed Le Cirque, there were no fireworks. It was the low point of our visit. No real complaints (except for the foie gras), we just enjoyed other places far more.

    1. My husband and I just had a *spectacular* (but of course very pricey) meal at Le Cirque last weekend. And I totally disagree with the foie gras comment. I had that for an appetizer and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten, and sauteed to the perfect point. I'm still thinking about it. We did not have the tasting menu, but they'll tell you what's on it so you can decide. For a main course I had Dover sole meuniere (excellent) and my husband had rack of lamb, which was wonderful. Desserts were chocolate pot de creme and carrot cake--both terrific--and they threw in a freebie of a peach tart that was to die for. We were there Saturday night prime time, and the restaurant was full, but the service didn't miss a beat--paced perfectly. Go for it!

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        Le Cirque is a lot of fun. I'd go with the tuna tartar for an appetizer, roasted chicken breast for an entree and since it's your first time, get the chocolate stove for dessert. These are very safe choices, but still plenty satisfying. Enjoy!

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          How's the crowd there? Age, dress code, touristy/ mix crowds?
          How is the room and ambience compared to Four Seasons Pool Room, Daniel or ADNY? Which one makes the must go?

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            Le Cirque's crowd is a bit older... mostly businessmen. Tie and Jacket are required for men (I've seen people w/o a tie - but they're usually VIPs or celebrities). In terms of decor, Le Cirque is one of my very favorites (it's much more fun than Daniel or ADNY, which are very attractive, but much more traditional). Le Cirque is a New York institution (probably more so than anywhere else), so it pays to go at least once.

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              We love La Grenouille, the room is breathtaking with the flowers, flowers , flowers done by Charles Masson. The food is done to perfection, anything the way you like it. The service is professional and friendly.

      2. I'm going to Le Cirque for Restaurant Week--if anyone went, how was the RW menu? Anything we should specifically order/avoid? Non-RW recommendations are also helpful if the special menu sucks. And I guess people should really dress up to go there? Thanks!!

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          I went to Le Cirque, and hopefully this is not too late but I had the paperdelle (veal) for apettizer. It was a small portion and it was alright. Not mind blowing but certainly good. I think they had a salad and i forget the third option. The salad looked really good.

          Entree: my friend had the brazino which was light and delicious. I had the chicken and it was really good. It came on a bed of strange combination of vegetables and braised chicken. On the whold the dish was really good but it was a bit weird. The salmon (which i didn't taste) looked small and delicious. .
          Desert was GLORIOUS. I had the chocolte trio and 2 of 3 components was exquisite. molten chocolate was delicious and i eat this dish everywhere and the creme boulee was light and really good.

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            the other appetizer is the wild mushroom veloute. very tasty.

            all 3 of us had the branzino. excellent.. and all 3 of us got the creme brulee - i was okay with it. another didn't like it at all - too "liquid", and another loved it. i prefer a less liquid one too.

            the crowd was weird though. a bunch of random escort girls were there playing musical chairs with random men.

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              Thanks for the feedback--going there tonight, can't wait to try the brazino and all the great desserts!!

        2. Welcome to the party. The feelings of being overwhelmed will subside. My wife and I are both food freaks and when we got here we devoted some nights to exploring our neighborhood, some to areas near work, and weekends were divided between high end places, exploring outer boroughs, and shopping. You have to fight not being ankle-cuffed to your neighborhood after the novelty wears off, ya know?

          IMO, Le Cirque is a must visit at least once. Go and enjoy...

          1. I am telling you, this whole downtown scene got so tired lately. We were looking for some new venue and eneded up in Le Cirque's new wine lounge. We figured classy enough without stuffy, you don't even need a jacket. Le Cirque is really so strikingly beautiful and elegant and so is the wine lounge but it is much more relaxed and the atmosphere is much more casual. You can have finger food, we had burgers and fried seafood. They have fantastic selection of wines. The prices are very affordable. It gets very crowded though but then again it makes for good buzz. We had great time and will be definitely spending time there.