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Bar Veloce

cabrales Sep 16, 2003 05:32 PM

In my attempts to not gain weight, perhaps more importantly in my general disappointment with NYC restaurants (excluding Blue Hill), and finally in my desire to learn more about wine (esp. non-French wine), I have started visiting wine bars more.

Last night, I visited Bar Veloce for the first time. An all-Italian (or largely so?) by-the-glass selection. The bar team member suggested unusual glass of Vareij hilberg 01 (piemonte) ($9) with my choice of Speck, grappa-cured apples, tallegio panino ($8). The wine was a bit aggressive and Welches-like on the nose, but appropriately acidic in the mouth. That's because there was a lot of acidity in the panino contents as well, presumably from the alcohol that cured the apples and that permeated the molten tallegio. Better than I had expected, although I don't have meaningful experience with panini (or with anything else in Italian cuisine). The smokiness of the Speck went nicely against this acidity of the grappa-laced tallegio. While strong, both flavors were nicely balanced. Not bad for a wine bar. Downside was that panino was not pressed so that its sides curled inward slightly like I like -- this version was more like a toasted sandwich. Less pressed than I would have subjectively preferred.

I, of course, could not resist and ordered another panino -- Proscuitto Cotto with radiccio, onions and gorgonzola ($8). Slightly starker, because of the saltiness of the gorgonzola. I liked this panino less than the first, but it was still appropriate I guess. Had a glass of Montelpuciano flora 00 (toscano) ($9)

This venue is open until 3 am. Decor is nice. Bar team members were informed and professional, and appeared interested in the food being served.

  1. w
    westvillager02 Aug 7, 2008 12:12 PM

    I always enjoy going to the Bar Veloce on 7th avenue. Living in the meatpacking district it's sometimes tough to find a place close by that fits the bill of a relaxed low-key (but somewhat upscale) evening. Prices are right and the atmosphere is generally tolerable.

    1. erin07nyc Aug 7, 2008 11:33 AM

      Any recent experiences?

      1. s
        Susan Sep 22, 2003 08:52 PM

        "In my attempts to not gain weight, perhaps more importantly in my general disappointment with NYC restaurants ...."

        I had to laugh at this remark...i guess everything is relative. I just moved here from Richmond, VA, where we had to actually COOK because Wendys was just about our best and most reliable restaurant.....and Dominoes/Pizza Hut were the ONLY ones who delivered (no lie!)

        I am in that giddy NYC stage, where I am in amazement over the food! So far, I would have to say that the Madras Cafe in the East Village has been one of my favorites (vegetarian south indian)....also, the sauteed calamari at Supper on 2nd Street and Avenue A was wonderful (completely unadorned BOWL-o'-calamari...in a bit of red wine, olive oil, garlic)...oh oh..and the pork chops at Saigon Grill....

        too many choices...


        1. o
          oystergal Sep 17, 2003 10:13 AM

          I assume this post was about the original Bar Veloce in the East Village, but has anyone been to the newer one in Soho? Comments? More or less space than the original?

          I've always had fabulous food and wine at the original one, but was heartbroken that this fabulous fig appetizer I had about a year and a half ago was taken off the menu on my last visit.

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          1. re: oystergal
            cabrales Sep 17, 2003 11:00 AM

            Yes, the post was about the original.

            1. re: oystergal
              jesse Sep 17, 2003 12:29 PM

              i frequent the soho veloce, located on kenmare and spring.. i used to eat at the 2nd avenue location before moving closer to kenmare.. same menu.. the place is twice (3x??) as long as the original and half the width..

              they still have the fig and prosciutto bruschetta on the menu..

            2. b
              bryanj Sep 16, 2003 06:02 PM

              i've started eating dinner there, as i've been eating alone, the wine is very good, the food is much better than avg, but sometimes hit & miss. it did take me a while to acclimate to the eurotrash (no offense) but the food can be amazing.

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              1. re: bryanj
                doc Sep 16, 2003 06:06 PM

                just for the record. someone was shot and killed there, apprx 1 year ago

                1. re: doc
                  dude Sep 16, 2003 06:30 PM

                  Actually, noone was killed. A crazed gunman shot a man on the street (he survived) and then went into the bar and reaked some havic. Two courageous women attacked the gunman and one was shot in the leg. Police charged in and got hte crazy guy. There were no fatalities, for the record! And, also for the record, Veloce has the best panini in the city..and awesome wine.

                  1. re: dude
                    cabrales Sep 16, 2003 06:55 PM

                    What do posters think about the less "pressed down" nature of the edges of the panino at Veloce?

                    1. re: cabrales
                      bryanj Sep 17, 2003 05:38 PM

                      i'm most definately not a panini connisour. i had not even noticed.

                      1. re: bryanj
                        cabrales Sep 17, 2003 05:49 PM

                        I'm not informed as to panini either. In fact, I have no meaningful knowledge of Italian cuisine, among other cuisines, and Italian wines, among other wines. In fact, that's the case with all cuisines except French :)

                    2. re: dude
                      Fida Sep 16, 2003 09:46 PM

                      Yes! I always thought that any place with such brave staff would be a great place to go, and a good place to overtip.

                      1. re: Fida
                        bryanj Sep 17, 2003 05:37 PM

                        it wasn't the staff who saved the day, it was two long island girls!

                        1. re: bryanj
                          Fida Sep 20, 2003 05:51 PM

                          I know, I know. But I figured if I said "any place with such brave girls," someone would accuse me of being sexist. Actually, I was all the more impressed that it was the females that jumped into action.

                      2. re: dude
                        doc Sep 16, 2003 10:52 PM

                        aok dude. I have eaten/been there many times. Panino at via quadronno( 73 and madison) better imho-enjoy

                      3. re: doc
                        DeeDee Sep 18, 2003 11:20 AM

                        No one was killed there.

                        1. re: DeeDee
                          doc Sep 18, 2003 07:49 PM

                          I stand corrected. not killed, just shot- lol

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